Friday, February 15, 2019


After yesterday's mishap, we are off to Cambridge Radiology at 9 am this morning.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed Brylee's elbow is just badly bruised, not broken.

Our little grandson Liam broke HIS ELBOW last week!  We don't need two of them!

After the xray we have to go back to the Doctor to have the results reviewed.

Of course, we are hoping her elbow is not broken, and just badly bruised.

After Brylee's appointment we shall come home.  And THEN I might just do some sewing.
Me Mum is happy to just relax here today I think.

After lunch Brylee has a job interview... so fingers crossed that goes well.  It will be even better if her arm isn't in a cast!

And that's all for now... will report back in later.


ABOVE:  Little Liam getting his 2nd cast on.  He looks rather happy with it!

Worth noting... Rena fell and hurt her foot a few days ago TOO! She has a Greenstick fracture, but is not in a cast, just a protective shoe thingee.

So that's three injuries in a row... we are done now.  *smiles*

9.25 am:  We got to Radiology bang on 9 and were out of there within 10 minutes.

ABOVE:  Her elbow looks OK to me!  I can't see a fracture anywhere... but we will have to go see the Dr to confirm my 'expert' conclusion.  lol

And now... back to normal day.  Get some housework done then perhaps some sewing.

Awesome news, there is no fracture of Brylee's elbow.  So just rest it a bit and then move on.

Not getting any sewing done, would rather spend time with Mum while she's here really.

5.50 pm:  And yes, Brylee's interview went well.  She has a 'call back' and semi trial on Monday!  So fingers crossed she does all they expect and want and she gets the job.

We have literally sat in the family room all day long... cos it's just too hot to do anything else.  I will probably jump in the pool after dinner, cos that's literally the hottest, stillest time of the day.

So... no pool tonight after all.  I watered the gardens instead.  Everything is so very dry!  Our lawns are totally dead in places too.

I think I'll be watering things for a while!

Coronation Street is on now, so time to sign off for the day.


  1. Looks promising for no break, lucky girl. Good Luck for your interview Brylee :-)

  2. Gosh your family having a 'snapping bad time' ouch

  3. Good news for Brylee. My foots mended now but my sister has broken her ankle practising for a marathon.

  4. Well what a day/week at your home this week.

    Love the look on wee Liams face with the "plasterproud"arm...and Rena having a foot thingee, Hope she bounces back quickly as young ones usually do..

    so happy Brylees is not a fracture,,Hope the interview goes good places !!

    Fab to have your Mum there (truly there is no time like it as a Whanau ).They are our treasures ..

    Enjoy your time together this weekend ..

    Love the pics you add of the surrounding areas Chris,,, we forget what hidden gems are scattered in our own backyards,,, and you are a wizz at photography ..

  5. Great news Brylee xx

  6. Excellent news for Brylee. I hope her interview went well

  7. Oh, the confusion when I read your blog out of order. First thing I see is "after yesterday's mishap" and I see a picture of Liam. So, I immediately scroll to yesterdays post to read the mishap actually happened to Brylee! That's what I get, when I go out of order!

    1. LOL lesson learnt Chick! Lucky Brylee didn't break her elbow eh.

  8. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Good that Brylee is good about the other little ones...good luck with the new job Brylee..


  9. Poor little guy with the cast! I'm glad hers isn't broken! Hope the job turns out to be a good one!


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