Saturday, February 23, 2019


Marley is ALWAYS wary of strangers coming into the house. Well... strangers to HER anyway.

Her response is always to bark, then growl, then sniff, back away and growl some more.  It usually takes her a good few hours to warm up to anyone she doesn't know.

So, yesterday when Charles arrived I fully expected her to do the usual and bark/growl and get away from him.

NOPE.  She saw him, ran up and jumped up against  his legs, sniffed him.... ran over to me for a second, then jumped up into his lap!

ABOVE:  That little hussy was all over him like a rash!  I have NEVER seen her act like that before.  No way to explain that except she took an instant LOVE for Charles!!!

Charles was rather chuffed that he was accepted by her immediately.

Now, here's a few more photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  Lacy and her Birthday cake.  
I don't know when she would have last had a birthday cake?  Not for a very long time I reckon.

ABOVE:  It was a bloody nice cake too... for a supermarket cake.   
The power went out... so we had pretty candles for  an hour or so too.

Oh something else from yesterday! At Grandmother's Garden (Patchwork Shop) at Gordonton... they used to have two huge boxer dogs. One recently passed away, so they got a new puppy.
Now he was just adorable, and we took some photos of him and the older dog:

ABOVE: The puppy was very hard to photograph cos he simply would not keep still!

I got down on the floor for a cuddle, and the owner of the shop warned me that the older dog would be all over me... but I said I didn't mind.

WELL!  She wasn't kidding!  He tried to lie on me, and proceeded to thoroughly clean my face and ears!  Seriously, he slobbered all over me.  It was hilarious!

ABOVE:  Obviously NOT the most flattering photo of me, but is shows just how enthusiastic Angus was to gimme a wash! lol
I had to hold on to puppy real firm to keep him still for a photo.  It made me want a Boxer!  Such gorgeous dogs.

Now, back to today.  Steve and family will be here for the weekend to visit with Grandma (me Mum).  This morning I'm going to get more sewing done on the 2nd Wall Hanging for Mum.  I got a bit done on it yesterday in between visitors/outings and so on.  It's coming along great!

Oh yeah... here's another photo of the candles:

ABOVE:  Just cos they were pretty! *smiles*


It's 3.15 pm:  the house has literally had a revolving door of visitors today!  One after the other, groups and kids and more and more!

I have taken dozens of photos, but no time to edit and upload right now.
Just wanted to pop on here and touch 'base'.  

I'll be back later when it's a bit quieter here.

4.45 pm:  I will be doing a big photo update later on tonight.  Right now... I'm just a bit 'wordless'.

Right, some photos of today's visitors:

So... we clearly had a house full!
Lots of laughs, kids playing and NOISE.

But it was lovely.

All is quiet now.  Everyone has either gone home, buggered off or gone to bed.

Well, except for us, my Mum and Steve 'n' Bex.  We are still up watching some tv and just chilling out.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. What amazing colours that birthday cake has! Looks scrummy too.
    Many many happy returns

  2. I love the boxers. My daughter has two and when we go visit I feel like I am going to get slupped up into their mouths. They are fun but too big for my liking. I like to admire them from afar. Love the pics.

  3. I love the pic of you getting LOVED ON by those doggies! The candle pic looks like a picstolen from a magazine (or these days the internet)! Nice photo!

  4. Just as well you love having candles around the place!!

  5. fab pics all up!! catch up LATER tonight when you have an update.

    Love the wee dog that went to Uncle (smiles)

    We had that happen recently, with my DH,,, with a wee one as well ..

    Owner amazed cos he came from a dog rescue and had not had a good life, and now its crossed the Tasman twice(smiles) but they know a soft spot I reckon and a Kiwi to boot (smiles)!!!

  6. Anonymous7:15 PM

    All the family catch ups must be really nice for you all. It’s great that everyone has made the time to catch up with your mum while she is visiting you.

  7. Charles must be a puppy magnet! Lol

  8. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Love, love, love all the family pics! Were Amanda and her husband (Alex???) there too? Such great photos of you all. Precious memories!! Sarah in Melbourne

  9. Anonymous1:39 AM

    What wonderful family photos

  10. Lovely photos Chris. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed.


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