Friday, February 08, 2019


Well... it's going to be a 'bit of this' and a 'bit of that' sorta day.

First up, I'm going on an FBG walk at 8.30, so not too early a start.  I hate early starts!
Like .. who does not know that about me by now eh?  lol

After the walk, I'm going to do a bit more sewing on my latest project... 

ABOVE:  I didn't get as much done last night as I'd have liked.  Coronation Street was on, and it was a double episode... so I was like... stuck in front of the telly for TWO LONG HOURS!  *snigger*

But, that's the latest project.  A really colourful cot quilt I think.  I MIGHT make it a bit bigger, so it can go on a single bed?  Not sure yet.

After lunch Brylee has a job interview in Hamilton, so I'm going to take her in to it.  While she's there, I will do the grocery shopping, cos seriously?  We are super low on just about EVERYTHING!   I don't think we have been this low on groceries in a very long time!

So, that's me day planned out till at least mid afternoon!


Well... it was a close call to me not doing the walk this morning.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and I though it would be too hot for me... but I went anyway.

And while it WAS bloody hot, I didn't overheat till right at the end, when it was 9.30 am and certainly getting hotter.

 ABOVE:  Today's walk incorporated the wetlands out at St Kilda, so a very picturesque walk. 

 ABOVE:  It was a really good turn out for such a hot morning!  16 walkers and 5 dogs.
Some faces I'd not seen in a couple of months, so nice to catch up with them all.

 ABOVE:  Getting a history lesson from one of our members who's involved in the local Council.  My ears turned off cos I'm not really into history that much.  *smiles*

Now that I'm home my head is pounding a bit, so I'm gunna just chill for a little while before heading into the sewing room.

3.15 pm:  Well, I got some more work done on the latest quilt... then took Brylee to her interview.

The interview didn't take long... so not holding out hope on that one.

I decided not to do the groceries as it was just too hot.  We can do it tomorrow, when Stew can help me.

I'm now home and soon I'll be going into the sewing room again.

Dinner will be a 'silly bugger' affair... sausages, chicken kebabs, potato gems and so on.  Should be nice.

8.45 pm:  I desperately want to stay up and do more sewing... watch Coronation Street etc, but I simply can't keep me eyes open!  So, I'm off to bed super early.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I wondered why Coro was on so long. Loved it though.

  2. Nice morning for a walk, I would have loved the "history" lesson - that is my thing :-).

    Good luck to Brylee for her interview.

  3. The wetlands etc on the walk stunning Chris.. You have a way with Photography and we love the pics you add on here ..

    Awesome.. Lovely turnout and good day has variety for you all there .. We had lunch out with a fab view overlooking water as well,, with one of our sis and bro in law on holidays here.Roast lamb and all the trimmings (smiles)

    So like you easy gyo dinner ..

    Hope Brylee Gets the job never know what will come up..

    Enjoy your weekend and enjoy that pool too !!!

  4. Love those silly bugger dinners....I call them "scrapple"

  5. What are potato gems Chris??

  6. Have a lovely weekend. Hope Brylee finds a job soon.


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