Tuesday, February 05, 2019


It is the middle of a swealtering summer and everyone is HOT as f#*k, and usually I would be dying on a regular basis thanks to HOT FLUSHES.

But... BUT.... I do believe mine are finally easing!!!!

Yep, without wanting to jinx it ... I seem to be only having about 4 a day now!  FOUR!

One when I first wake up, a couple through the day and one when I go to bed at night.  It's magic, amazing and I am so, so thankful!

I do get one if I get upset or flustered still, but I don't get upset or flustered too often now either.  

OMG, imagine how wonderful it will be if they stop altogether in the next year or so?  

BRING IT ON.... or off as the case may be.  *smiles*

Now today.  I'm going into town for morning tea with a couple of girlfriends.   Stew is still home, so he's going to read his new book and just chill out till I get home again.

Then who knows... oh I do know! 
Steve, Bex and the kids are arriving for a little visit this afternoon.  So I need to get the bedroom tidied up for the littlies.  Lacy, move all ya shit again!  lol

OMG... putting the air con on last night was wonderful!  I will be doing it again this evening.


1.25 pm:  And I'm home from town... had a lovely time.  
SHOCK HORROR!... I get home to the sight of Brylee cleaning windows (OK, I did ask her to) and Stew vacuming!
The house is so tidy.  How cool is that?

And the bathroom is cleaned too!  Score... cos the kid's bathroom was DISGUSTING!
I swear they don't even try to aim/keep it clean.   Teenagers suck when it comes to that sorta thing.

So anyway... I am going to get into the sewing room now and make a start on another cot quilt, it will be good to  have a least 2 ready for Market on Sunday.

- Done some sewing
- Had a swim.
- Steve, Bex and kids arrived.  Had another swim.
- Lacy home from Tauranga.
- About to sort out dinner... which is sausages and chips cos it's bloody HOT HOT HOT.

Oh and it's Card Night, so my girlfriends are coming over soon too!  Looking forward to a neat evening!

ABOVE:  What a wonderful evening!  There ended up being 8 of us girls playing cards... just enough room at my table.
They had a swim before starting to play, the pool was full.

My house was full!  Us (4), Steve, Bex and 3 little kids, Lacy, 7 girlfriends, two extra teenage girls, and another 5 year old too!  That's 20 people in the house all night.  Loved it!

And now... it's 'fairly' quiet as the visitors have left and the three littlies have gone to bed, Steve, Stew and Griffin are in the pool and us girls are doing our own thing before bedtime.

Yeah bedtime..... will be happening soon.  It's been another long, hot day.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I am 61; starting with the hot flashes when I was 38 years old. I STILL occasionally get one, usually at night, but very very infrequently. My one grandmother, who passed in her late 70s, had them up to the end of her life. Lucky us... Dawn Pinnataro, Albany GA USA

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hi can you leave your air-con on more often? here in Aussie it has been so hot I leave ours on 24/7 couldn't cope without it. Ours is a ducted reverse cycle that goes to every room. good about the hot flushes...


  3. They are probably on the way out Chris and one day soon you will have none to count.. Love all the pics and catchups you do for us each day . Top marks to your crew who came up with the cleaning goods while you were out (smiles)

    You knew you could rely on them .
    Enjoy rest of your day ..


  4. You are certainly getting your money's worth from the pool. Enjoy card night :-)

  5. Have a great evening with cards

  6. Well that sounds like a fantastic day!

  7. Do you notice any correlation between hot flashes and what you eat and exercise?

    Me, I had what seemed like hot flashes for years. Many times a day, woke me at night. Terrible, in my 40’s. High weight.

    For me, turned out, it was all food/weight related.

    I cleaned up my food and lost the weight and it stopped.

    I went thru menopause in my 50’s with no symptoms what so ever except the stop of periods.

    I wondered if you saw any correlation because I remember you changed your food. And you walked nearly daily, sometimes a couple times a day. Did you notice any difference?


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