Monday, February 18, 2019


This morning Brylee has a second interview at a local rest home.  She will be spending about an hour there, on a sort of 'trial'.  So, fingers crossed she does well and ends up with a full time job!

We are all crossing our fingers, toes, eyes, legs... hell anything we can cross.  lol

Steve and Bex's kids watched a Harry Potter movie recently and loved it.  So Steve made them all a wand with the wood turner he has:

 ABOVE:  Three happy little 'wizards'.  All in their pj's ready for bed by the look of it.

ABOVE:  Progress on the Alien Quilt.  I'm going to be adding the light blue fabric (at the bottom of the photo) as a border, then I can quilt and bind it.

It's going to be a bit bigger than a cot quilt, more like a single bed topper.
There's still quite a bit of work to go on it. I hope to get more done today.

It looks like it's gunna be a gorgeous day!

Not sure what me Mum would like to get up to today... but I'm sure we will work something out. 


12.50 pm:  Well it's been bedlam here.
My niece and her family are here, as are Kelly and Amanda.
So a lot of laughs... and food...

 ABOVE: Today's crowd.  Taken by Brandy's boyfriend, hence it's a bit blurry.

ABOVE:  Just the girls... including me fluffy ones.

My niece Maxine and family are leaving soon, then I am going into Hamilton to get some backing fabric for that Alien quilt.

Oh and that quilt? Ended up with a bright green border instead of pale blue. It looks AMAZING too I might add.

To follow... more photos in no particular order:

 ABOVE:  Mother (Maxine) and daughter (Brandy).  LOL at the stance Maxine!

 ABOVE:  Maxine's husband Gypsy.

 ABOVE:  Brandy's boyfriend Greg, he works with Gypsy in Whitianga.

ABOVE:  After Brylee got home from her job trial/orientation we could take a photo with her in it too.

HOW DID THAT GO?  I will tell you tomorrow.

Yep, mean,  but hey.... it will make ya come back to read this bloggity blog tomorrow eh?  *smiles*

It's now 2.30 and I'm thinking of now going into Hamilton to get that black backing fabric and maybe get me hair trimmed.

9.40 pm:  Well we did go into Hamilton, and I did get some black fabric to back the Alien Quilt.
I got my hair trimmed. We booked my Mum's flight back to Australia.  Then we came home.
It was too hot and everyone was too tired to cook dinner, so we went out to the local Indian place and had a lovely dinner.

Home.  Watched some TV and now, although it's really early for me, I'm going to bed.  I'm knackered.


  1. Aww Look at those three lil poppets. So neat to have all the pics as they are growing so fast..
    Love the quilt you are doing . Fab colours !!

    Enjoy the day

  2. OOps forgot to say great news re Brylee and her work today. I am sure she will be successful and get the job.

    Good for her to get a call back..

  3. Good Luck for Brylee's trial. Sio had 2 at the local lotto shop and finds out today of she has the job - fingers crossed. She also has an interview at a pet shop tomorrow or Wednesday (just waiting for them to confirm).

    Love the Harry Potter wands - too cute :-)

  4. Wow busy day. I love it all but that quilt is so gorgeous. Did you get the panel in NZ? Good luck to Brydie. She'd be awesome.

    1. It isn't a panel... just fabric with the border type strips...I've made the larger rockets and characters and appliqued them on.

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Good luck Brylee

    Great family photo


  6. Conundrums lol2:14 PM

    wtf is wrong with my face lol 😂 😂 😂

  7. Lovely photos young wizards very cute loving all the pictures. Hope Brylee elbow on the mend.
    Love love the alien quilt.

  8. love all the pics.
    fingers are crossed for Brylee.

  9. Beautiful shoots with your girls and your mum

  10. Anonymous9:15 PM

    How talented is Steve!!! Love the wands and good luck Brylee.


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