Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Today I'm taking me Mum down to Tokoroa to visit some long time friends of the family.

We haven't seen them since me Mum's 80th birthday party back in 2017, so it will be nice to catch up with them again.

Not too sure what else we will get up to yet.

We can't be too late home though as we have a few of the Hamilton kids coming out for dinner.

Feeling great this morning!  I didn't over eat last night at dinner... and it was a healthy dinner.  Lesson learnt (again)... you will always start the day feeling AWESOME if ya haven't been a pig the night before. lol

Now, I mentioned my Teriyaki Chicken last night... virtually everyone who's ever had it at my home has raved about it, so I'm sharing the recipe... cos it is divine.

 ABOVE:  There ya go.  It's a shit photo of the bottle of Kikkoman's Teriyaki sauce/marinade, but it gives you an idea of what ya looking for if you decide to give it a go.

I always make DOUBLE the amount of marinade, cos it's so bloody YUM.  *smiles*

It's lovely over rice, or with garlic bread to dunk in the sauce.  But well... that's a bit evil.

And now... I'm gunna bugger off and start the day.  


4 pm: !   Yep, didn't update at all during our trip to Tokoroa.
It was just too hot to be bothered.

We got to Tokoroa around 11.30 and visited with Mum's friends for three hours.  At least it was a bit cooler in their house than outside!

OMG it's a stinking hot day today.

On our way home we stopped at Litchfield at the Wool Shop and Mum kindly bought me some warm sheepskin boots to wear over winter.  They will hopefully keep me feet warm on freezing cold market days!

Now I have to find the energy to get dinner sorted.  It's just sausages and salad, some wedges and so on. 

ALMOST 5 HOURS LATER:   and dinner was a lovely meal.  Russell, Kelly and Rena came for dinner.  Amanda and her children couldn't make it as Emily has a tummy bug. 

I think everyone is tired, this endless heat is so draining.  I won't be long out of bed tonight, we have an early start tomorrow.

More on that............ tomorrow.  *SMILES*


  1. Enjoy your outing today, and of course, spending time with your lovely Mum.

  2. Kiwionholidays3:26 PM

    Fab posts and pics last few days. On a new device and lost my last 4 comments.
    Lovely to have your mum there ,
    Tokoroa will be nice at this time of the year,tad cold in winter tho,

    Enjoy your day,


  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Thanks for the recipe, I know what we are having tonight

  4. Wow we get Kikkoman's sauce here too. I'm going to try that recipe.
    Talk about global're having a very long hot summer. Still wet and cold here

  5. Not realy hot just nice.40 home in australia.lovely day again.quiet day tomorrow lhope.feel like lm in the fast lane because lm realy lazy.will get into amother gear soon.the old moo.

  6. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Kiwionholidays11:42 PM

    Lost my details so trying blog out

  8. Kiwionholidays11:43 PM

    Trying it out

  9. Love that Kiwi from the closing sequence of the TV, have not seen that for years.


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