Monday, February 25, 2019


Yesterday I 'won' an Ikea Trundle bed off Pay It Forward.  I was thrilled to bits and Stew and I headed off to pick it up.
When we arrived at the address the lady had quite an assortment of stuff to give away, and we were lucky to be offered a lovely lounge chair as well.

 ABOVE: Archer on HIS new bed.  Well... his when he's here, otherwise it's just a spare bed.  And with all the visitors lately, an extra bed won't go amiss.

 ABOVE: And this is the new chair we were given!  It is super comfortable.

 Now of course, getting a new piece of furniture in the lounge necessitated a bit of a move around of furniture.

 ABOVE: So we took the larger marble top unit out of the lounge and replaced it with the smaller, white one.

ABOVE:  The larger marble top unit is now in the garage.  It got new castors put on it as well... makes it easier to move around ... cos for sure it will be moved around!  That's my 'speciality'... moving shit around!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Keera sneeking a cuddle in before all the moving around happened.

 ABOVE: Moving stuff.  The guys did it yesterday so that I wouldn't do it on my own during the week!  They know me too well.  I have no patience whatsoever! 

 ABOVE: We pretty much just took what was on one side of the room and switched it with what was on the other side!  Things fitted better doing that.

 ABOVE: Now three people can sit on this side with their feet up and watch telly.  I just love that new chair!  That flower picture needs to be moved... too many flowers in that corner now.

ABOVE: This side of the room looks lovely too.  I shall hang that flower picture over here on the right of the barn door.  YEP, that should work.

Now... it's time to get Mum sorted, fed and watered and out of here.  We are going straight to Starship Hospital to visit family, then lunch somewhere, before heading out to the airport in time for Mum to check in at 3 pm.  She flies out at 5 pm.  

By then I should be close to arriving home all going well.

So... if I'm quiet for the rest of the day... it's cos I'm busy.


5.45 pm:  And.... I've been home just over half an hour!  It's been a long, stressful day.

I was only 5 minutes up the road on our way up to Auckland when shit hit the fan at home.  Bit of aggro between Griffin and Lacy, which ended up with Lacy leaving.

*sigh* ... nothing I could do so I left it up to Stew to sort out while I continued travelling up to Auckland.

Mum and I safely made it to Starship hospital, where we spent a good 3 hours with family there.

ABOVE:  We have a very poorly wee man in the hospital.  A great-nephew of mine and one of my Mum's Great Grandsons.  
I won't be saying more than that out of respect for his family's privacy.
It was just wonderful that we got to see him and his Mummy though.. special moments to treasure.

After visiting, Mum and I headed out to the airport, where we had a very late lunch before I got her checked in and settled in the Departure Lounge, ready for her flight back to Australia.

OMG it's been a day !  I am so ready to just sit still and try to turn off my brain.

11 pm: off to bed for this girl... hopefully I don't sleep in as I have a walk in the morning.


  1. Love the new trundle and the chair etc Looks so comfy . How kind is that lady? and its so neat the pay forward system.
    Allows everyone a change and helps upcycle things at the same time.

    Love the energy of you all as a "moving Crew"(smiles)
    Great effort

    . Travel safe


  2. I like the white chair. I also like the flower picture, I would move the flowers. But whatever you do always ends up looking nice.

  3. Wow. I love that chair. Your home is beautiful. I love Keera having a hug with Stew. So precious. Your home is so full of love like you guys.

  4. So good you have in home furniture removers!!! 😊😊

  5. Bex is so kind doing the crochet for your Mum .

    All of you have a flair for craft and its neat to keep up with what you are all doing there . Love the one of Archer on the bed and Keera in for cuddles .. She sure is growing up as are all your grandies.

    Love the footstool that Griffin is trying out with the chair.

    All the best to Brylee in her new job later this week ..

  6. Anonymous7:38 PM

    What a busy and stressful day you are having...take care..


  7. Wow what a busy week for you I bet you are ready for some real quiet time!


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