Sunday, February 03, 2019


Well... I'm on a roll with the sewing again.
Only now I'm making a few cot quilts.

This is the fabric I am using today:

ABOVE:  It's pretty loud!  Not sure if it will be a cot quilt or a small single quilt.  But it's lovely fun fabric.

Talking of fabric!

HEATHER... your parcel arrived yesterday! Sorry, I forgot to mention it till now .... I was engrossed in my sewing yesterday!

ABOVE:  There is nothing nicer than receiving a parcel in the post!

ABOVE:  It's even better when it's full of fabric!
Such a lovely surprise, THANK YOU  so much Heather!
I will use all of it over time for sure.

So today I am going to nut out a quilt and probably get a few jobs done around the house.

Lacy got home from Tauranga yesterday. With a new tattoo.  I will show you it once she's up and moving!  
Sadly, she didn't find the car part she needed, so was a bit grumpy.  Hopefully she can track that part down soon, or she might be a bit of a pain to live with! lol

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


1.40 pm:  bit quiet on here girls!  No one around?
Oh well.. I will talk to myself then.

Lacy went to Tauranga and came home with this:

 ABOVE:  Quite a large new tattoo.  Not my cuppa tea, but she seems happy with it.
It's not even scabbing up!  Or sore!

Stew went for a walk into town at midday, crazy bastard!  He decided to buy a book he'd seen a few others reading at work:

ABOVE:  I think I'll be reading it too. *smiles*

Stew and I are off to an FBG gathering later on this afternoon.  It's a Pizza Night, we take toppings and our host will provide the bases and a pizza oven.  Should be nice.  Hopefully lots of the FGB girls will be there and we have a good catch up.

8.30 pm:  Home from the pizza evening.  It was a really lovely afternoon/evening.  Quite a few of us turned up.  Our hostess had the pizza oven all hot and rearing to go, so we all made pizzas and some of us enjoyed a swim too.

I will share a few photos tomorrow... but for now I'm signing off for the day.  I'm all hot and sweaty and want to just sit in front of the fan and cool down.


  1. Enjoy your pizza evening you really are becoming the social butterfly it's awesome.

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Hi the tattoo looks good on Lacy, she has nice slim legs...sounds like you have a few fun things planned today.



  3. Have a funtastic time at your pizza evening.

  4. My hubby has that book. I think I may be one of the few non tattooed persons in the world. They are everywhere these days. I like that lacy,s has some color. Not a fan of the solid color ones that turn green.

  5. I like the fabric on the first photo. The package all wrapped up in the second photo would be cool fabric for a pillowcase!
    I don't have any tattoos.

  6. Pizza night sounds fun! You're a little social butterfly now :)


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