Thursday, February 21, 2019


Today we are expecting one of my Mum's brothers and his wife for lunch.
I will no doubt end up making a small batch of scones and some sausage rolls... let's just say a repeat of yesterday shall we?  lol

Here's a few more happy family snaps from last night:

 ABOVE:  This little scamp with his broken elbow and missing his first baby tooth... such a happy wee man.

 ABOVE: Joel... getting to be a young man!  He's 15 now... my god don't they grow fast!

 ABOVE: Griffin and Huston... one HUGE, one not so big.  Both the same age.

 ABOVE:  Happy little Emily.  

Have a wonderful day sweetie.

Mum's man in Australia had a 'little' accident yesterday.  He sent Mum a text message saying he was at the hospital cos he hurt his hand, but it was 'OK'.

I said to Mum, I hope he didn't cut it with the lawn mower!

Then he rang and told Mum he came off the ride on lawn mower and cut his hand!!!!!  FUCK!  The ride on mower rolled over apparently. *shaking my head*

He wasn't 100% clear what cut his hand... but he's got 8 stitches, a few bruises, and skin off his nose ... but is still laughing.  Crazy man!
He assures Mum the lawnmower is still going ... that's the main thing by the sound of it.

He's missing Mum and wants her home... NOT. THE. WAY. TO. GO. ABOUT. IT. RON! *smiles*

And on that note, I'm off to start the day.  There's some washing to get on, some tidying up to do, lunch to prepare, bla bla bla.


So I took a little video yesterday with my phone.  It's sideways!  I don't know how to turn it around... so well....

ABOVE:  ya get it like that!

Sorry, not sorry. ha ha ha!

So for lunch today I made big, chunky, ham and prosciutto salad sandwiches and sausage rolls.  Very yum.

I went down to the supermarket for some milk.... $71 later I had the makings for Ambrosia and a few other bits 'n' bobs!  Who else does that?

We are gas bagging now.... I'd love to be sewing but being 'polite' is a bit more important right now.

 ABOVE:  Brylee and my Uncle Richard, lovingly referred to as just Richard.  He's only about 12 years older than me.

 ABOVE: See the family resemblance?  I tan easily, so do 99% of my maternal family, and again, the blue eyes.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  So Richard is my Mum's brother, he's got a twin brother named Robert.  They are the eldest of the 5 brothers my Mum has.  
My grandmother had 5 daughters then 5 sons, my  Mum is the eldest of the lot. 

And that should be a wrap of family visitors!  Which is good cos I've got some serious sewing to get done. 

5.55 pm: And I finally got to do some sewing late this afternoon.  I've almost finished a wall hanging for a Great Nephew, my Mum 'commissioned' it.  I have to make another one for a Great Niece before Monday too.  Once they are done I can get on with the Alien Quilt.

Well ... it's now 10.10 pm and I've managed to make a start on the 2nd little project for me Mum.
Tomorrow I will give you a sneak peek of them both. 

Time to sign off for the day, another day I end up knackered!  Maybe I will sleep in tomorrow?
Yeah nah, I have to get up and make me Mum's breakfast.  


  1. It so lovely your Mum gets to spend time with so many of her family over here. I hope poor old Ron is okay. Enjoy your family time :-)

  2. some neat times the last few days? weeks. Lots of happy memories to take in to the next season ..
    Why is it we are all looking forward to cooler weather (smiles) The summer too has its good times,,, but fave time of year for us is any season,, in Kiwiland (smiles)

    Not saying we are Bias,

    Hope Ron Bounce back quickly what a downplay on his injuries by him.

    Thats why that generation isnt probably as soft as ours in lots of things .

    Lovely to see the different cousins together too.
    The eyes take it away with most of them. Such a strong line and Huston and Joel look so alike ...

    The wee ones With the sling n missing tooth cute and Emily with her happy smile all so good to photograph , as they grow so quickly...

  3. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Haha love hearing your voice Chris! Loving all the family photos! Congratulations to you and Brylee on the jobs.

  4. I saw the pic of Emily and thought it was Rena!!! Congrats on your job and congrats to Brylee too, Christy xxxxx

  5. The amazing blue eyes are certainly a family thing for sure. Your mum and her brother are so much alike. Love the way Ron described his 'little' accident. Hope it is not too serious.

  6. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Hi great pics, good looking family...Amanda's 4 children are all really gorgeous...she is such a pretty girl too...



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