Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Well... first thing this morning I'm off on a walk with the FBG's.  It's a Social Walk, as our Urban Challenge 2019 has not started yet.

I have missed walking over the past two weeks, but being with my Mum came first.

Now I can get back into the swing of things and move some of the weight I've put on.  

Once the walk is over I have a couple of jobs to do in town, then I will be home in time to get my house ship shape again.
Brylee and Griffin did some housework for me yesterday, so there is a little less for me to do today.
But there's still HEAPS to do!  

I have a couple more photos of the weekend visitors with my Mum that I found on the last round of snaps:

 ABOVE:  It took Archer almost two days to finally give his great Grandma a hug, and this one was to say bye bye as he was leaving for home!  He's a rather shy boy is Archer.

ABOVE:  Why is it so hard to get a small group of kids/grannies to all look good at the same time?   *sigh*  That bloody Archer!!!  I said SMILE... he poked his tongue, then grimaced.
And Dante!  What's that look about? lol

So... let's get back to today... and moving on with life as 'normal' again.  


11 am:  and it's a stunning day today.  Not a cloud in the sky.
This morning's walk was lovely, just over 5 kms and it didn't start to feel too hot till right at the end.

 ABOVE:  I've gained 5 kilos in the past two months, and boy can I see it!  I'm really crabby with myself.  BUT, now that the walking is ramping up again I know I will lose it fairly quickly.

ABOVE: Today's walk was around the little 'lakes' at St Kilda.  It's such a pretty suburb, and the hot chocolate at the cafe afterwards was rather nice too!  Probably won't do that again though ... defeats the purpose of walking!  lol

Now... on with some housework.

OK... so not that much housework getting done.  I've just been relaxing!  It's SO QUIET!!!  
Next thing I might do is start quilting the Alien Quilt.  I would like it done, and perhaps a 2nd one too for the next two markets in March.

Ahhh the modern world!  I just ordered my very first Debit Card online.  Now I can order and pay for shit without using a credit card!  Awesome!  

And now... back to the sewing ...

NOT!  My girlfriend Sue T arrived and we yakked for ages.  So nice to catch up with her after a week.   Just after she left, Stew got home from work.  I  hadn't even sorted out dinner.... so we had chicken steaks and chips for dinner!

It's been a very quiet evening!  Just watching tv and enjoying the peace.  

Time to sign off for the night.  Thankfully it's not stinking hot now, in fact it's much cooler in the mornings and evenings.


  1. Lovly photo of your mum and the littleies

  2. Dante is such a mini Steve. I feel for Bex!!!!!

    1. He is indeed! And YES, Bex does find him ... exhausting and trying sometimes.

  3. Haha yes he is and archer is also starting to be the same. ���� fun times lol bex

  4. love the GENERATION photo way down the linbe .
    Know all of you will keep and treasure those .

    The older ones of a Whanau,,, have so much to share,, and its amazing how the young ones come round , even the shy ones.Love it!!!

    Your Mum and Bro and Sis come from Good line as far as happiness, hair and eyes go and have passed it on to all of you as well as from your husband Stew's side


  5. PS they say the acorn doesnt fall far from the tree Dante and Archer (smiles )

    fun and adventure is such a good thing to have Bex and Chris so all will be good as they grow !!


  6. Sorry dont have spellcheck Chick,,,meant way down the line (not linbe!!)

  7. Had 4hr. Nana nap today,so tired could not stay awake.Have to get up early to catch train.Had wonderful 3wks kids well behaved ate masses of food and all were noisy but lots of fun.Thanks Christine and Stew and good luck.The old Moo.


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