Saturday, December 01, 2018


Today's weather is going to dictate what we get up to.

It's supposed to be wet, wet and even wetter.  But hopefully not until later on in the day.

If it's not wet this morning I plan on jumping on an FBG walk.  It's the first walk of the FINAL SECTIONS, out at St Kilda... which is a very nice suburb just out of town.

This section can be walked as one (about 11 kms), or split into two.    

I am leading both separate sections next week in the evening.

But I would like to participate and do one half today.  So, if it's 'on',  I will go.

The other thing I might do today is start another, shorter in length table runner.  In red and silver, cos I just loved how the big one came out!

ABOVE: Stew did get a photo of the finished runner and it's recipient yesterday.  She LOVED IT!  Very nice knowing that my hard work is so appreciated.  The photo is utter crap, taken with Stew's work phone, at work.

I did NOT get any christmas presents wrapped yesterday, so that's another big job still to get done around here.  And putting up the Christmas Tree and decorations.

It's FRIGGIN DECEMBER!!!!  How in hell did that come around so fast?  Might as well embrace it though, and get into the festive mood.  *smiles*

I pretty much have everything bought and sorted, just have to wrap, wrap and wrap some more.  I have not been able to find the Christmas Present bags yet either... grrrrr.


Well... today is panning out differently.  I didn't go walking as my tummy was going around and around in circles.  I've had the most awful diarrhea, but thankfully no vomiting!

And so glad I don't have a market (or two) today!  It's shitty weather, and forecast to get worse as the day goes on.  I feel very sad for everyone doing a market today.

I finally got out of bed at around 10 am!  And I've just laid out a new table runner.  And taken time out to have something to eat.  Let's see how that goes!  I certainly don't feel very well today.

3.50 pm:  And Stew and I decided to go out and look at possibilities for edging the new garden that's to go around the pool.
Most options won't work as they form an edge that has height, which is a no no.  So we are leaning towards a mowing strip type edge with concrete.  No height involved, making it legal.

While in Hamilton we stopped at Spotlight as they were having a 40-50% sale on fabrics.

 ABOVE:  I only got what I really needed to make a few more runners... and the red spot fabric was in the Christmas Fabrics @ 50% off, so I got the last of the bolt.  

ABOVE: This is the runner I laid out today.  I decided to add some greens and Kiwiana fabrics to it... I think it looks nice.   I'm sure I will LOVE it once it's stitched!  lol

ABOVE: Stew got some of these, as he feels really low in energy ALL. THE. TIME.  So, we will try them and see if they help.
I am going to check to see how much sugar is in them, it's not on the box.  Hopefully there's NONE!

10 pm:  And we are watching 'Man Down' on Netflix.  Very funny!  Signing off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The runner looks fantastic Chris! Enjoying your videos 😊

  2. That runner looks great!! I love the red and silver - yes, make more ready for your markets next week.

  3. the silver and red runner is beautiful. perhaps u will find the gift bags with your decorations sounds like Griffin has been sharing his bug hope u ok now

  4. Forgot to put the sound on for the wee videos better go replay them (smiles) always better with the words.

    Hope the weather pics up and Stew is soon on the mend . You guys are doing so well with your fitness.

    Makes me feel bad cos now The weather is gonna be TOO hot,, but am very active and do 1000s of steps a day, not really a fixed routine I know ,but for me it all helps atm

    Enjoy watching your pool progress and wont be long before you take the 1st plunge to cool down


  5. Love the runner so pretty! I was glad to do an event inside this weekend.


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