Sunday, December 02, 2018


THANK goodness... I found the Christmas bags among the Christmas decorations.

Now I don't have to wrap all the presents, just some of them.

Such a relief.  

Today I'm going to try and make a start on the next Table Runner.  And wrap some presents.  And I don't know what else.

The weather is crap, utter crap.  So nothing is getting done outdoors.

Jacqui and Joel are off at Lake Karapiro at the rowing regatta .... there's a good chance they will be finish early due to the weather.  Yesterday the regatta got closed down early as several kids started showing signs of hypothermia!  Shame the weather has ruined lots of events this weekend.

My tummy settled down yesterday, thank god!  I was rather scared to f@rt for most of the day I can tell you!  lol

And YEP... boring day ahead... nothing exciting to report at all!  Go do something interesting and then tell ME about it!


It's supposed to be raining with a high chance of thunderstorms.  And... the sun is out and it's a lovely day! Typical. Sooooo.... maybe I can get Stew to make a start on the pool garden surround? He won't be too keen  I'm picking. Poor man.

12.55 pm:   And we are making excellent progress on putting a little garden around the pool!
We found some blocks:

 ABOVE:  They are laid around the outside of the pool, and there's pool liner acting as a weedmat.  Score not having to buy weedmat!

ABOVE:  We then got 10 bags of bark.... and now it's pull plants out of the existing gardens to place around the pool.  We have plenty of self propogating plants to use ... though I did buy ONE pretty little plant.

Now it will be wait and see what survives chlorinated water!

The lady at the plant shop said she doubts anything will survive chlorinated water!  *sigh*
I'm sure there's something that will.  We just have to use trial and error, right?

I did get some christmas presents wrapped this morning, but not many.  And no sewing.  I don't think sewing will be happening today.

The kids are insisting I 'Christen' the pool, so they can then get in it!  OMG it's going to be so cold!   But... I.  WILL.  DO.  IT.   Some time this afternoon.

ABOVE:  I did it!  AND I went under too!  Well... that was at the girls insistence... I wasn't too keen.  But once in, it was LOVELY.

 ABOVE:  I am just so happy!  No more sweating all day every day over summer.  We can all cool off in the pool now.

 ABOVE:  After I'd 'christened' the pool, Brylee got in too.  She was a bit quicker getting in than me!

All that's left to do now is show you what we did in the 'garden' around the edge.  But that can wait... till tomorrow!  lol

We all caught some sun this afternoon.  It was a lovely day, beautiful weather, most unexpected.  Winding down now, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I wish I was having an interesting day. Cleaning out the pantry then visiting mother in law at her aged care facility. Woohoo!!

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    The pool looks amazing, I believe yesterday you were afraid you might shart, I laughted so hard when someone told me that. Jo

  3. Fabulous.. Well done you!! And Brylee and all who followed .. The blue of the pool and your swimmers make it look all summery and fun days ahead.

    Love the way you put the cobbletype stones and then barked it .. Looks fab, and so low Maintenance !!

    All you have to do now is enjoy and its amazing what it does for relaxation as well

    Come out feeling like a refreshingly new Gal (smiles)

    You have all worked hard on your section,, and your place looks Choice


  4. wow...well done on christening the looks so inviting!!

  5. Water Looks Lovely!

  6. I'm trying to figure out why you are putting a garden around the pool. Won't you want to stand at the edge and watch kids or walk around when you are vacuuming leaves etc? I know we used the edge all the time when we had a pool. I'm asking in a friendly manner so don't get cross with me :) OMG you are going to love having that water to cool off in!!!

  7. the pool looks great u r brave getting in I can understand y u wanted to be the first in...we are waiting for the landlord to get our sunken pool ready for the summer it hasnt been used for 3 yrs so its a 'tad' green

  8. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Hi the pool looks good!!!


  9. Yeah for a pool! We need to put up a fence to have a pool and that hasn't happened yet lol


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