Monday, December 03, 2018


So.... we were going to put lots of pretty plants around the outside of the pool, to soften the look. 

But, first of all I thought, why not see if I've got enough bits 'n' bobs to pretty it up first?

 ABOVE:  With all the bark and edging done.

ABOVE: Nope, no plants!  Just me concrete fish and a few other things like shells and a wooden anchor!
And it looks lovely.  Well, I think so anyway.  And now it won't matter if water is splashed over... it ain't gunna kill anything!  *smiles*

After my first swim yesterday, I ended up getting in again with Lacy, Griffin and Stew. It was wonderful.  Cold to begin with, but just perfect after a little while!

It's going to be awesome for getting some exercise this summer, AND staying cool.  

 ABOVE:  Griffin getting in for the first time.

ABOVE:  It was so neat having him outside with us, instead of in his room in the dark, watching a TV screen!

 ABOVE: Smiles all round.

Today:  Well I got all the Christmas presents wrapped or bagged yesterday (go me!... with a little help from Brylee)... so today I would like to get the tree and decorations up in the lounge.

I always dread doing the tree, but really, once you start, it's not that horrendous a job.
Said no one in particular.  *smiles*

After that I shall probably take a break for lunch.

Yeah, I should hang out some washing too... that shit never ends.



AND ... here's a bonus:

COS... I can.

7 pm:  my evening plans changed cos of the weather.  We were going on an FBG walk, but we've had really shit rain and thunderstorms so I cancelled it.  And right now?  It's not raining at all.  Grrrrr.  So typical.

So, a quiet evening here, watching TV... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria7:24 AM

    Sunscreen for everyone in their Xmas Stockings! So pleased that the pool is being enjoyed :-)

  2. Hours and hours of cooling fun!!! Well done on finally getting that pool you've wanted for so long. It looks fantastic. You'll never want to leave home now - and I can see you doing the FBG walks and coming straight home and jumping into that pool.

  3. i willhave 5 trees decorated by time im finished last being lounge (i ordered a bew 7 ft one cause only had a 4 ft one from when i lived in smaller accomodation but tree hasnt arrived yet hoping it will be here by wednesday when have family visiting) but then im nuts about xmas decs. and it will be up until end janyuary too

  4. The pool step by step has been amazing and there you all go having so much fun in it,.

    Love the finished idea with the bark cobblies and your wee anchor n all. Like you say nothing that chlorine will kill but sure looks fabulous ..

    Good on you guys lots more fun sun days ahead

    Cheers !!!

  5. I always dread doing the Christmas tree because I've got 3,497,247 decorations!!! Why do I keep buying so many??? They are soooo pretty I just can't resist. One job I don't mind is wrapping presents.... I know you don't like it, but I don't mind, Christy xxxx

    1. me too but need that many for 5 tress

  6. Anonymous11:39 AM

    You need one of those cantilever umbrellas over the pool for extra hot days

    1. We've had one... it was not good! It kept tilting the wrong way, swinging around and then collapsing! So, we will stick with a 'normal' one now. *smiles*

  7. You are so organised this year!! I have done almost none of the shopping & will probably not bother with decorations either as we are going down to Mum & Dad's over Christmas. have to say I am not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year.

    That pool looks fab, I can picture many hours spent by you all out there this summer :-)

    1. Understandable not being in the mood... but remember the kids still might feel like Christmas and being 'normal-ish' ? Just a thought.

    2. Don't worry, we have discussed it a fair bit, because we are going to Mum & Dads no one seems over keen to decorate although that may change. I am really letting them guide how they want to deal with things. I am going to take my table runner I got from you & some Christmas bunting another friend made away with me and get Mum to use the runner in Christmas day and maybe hang the bunting in our motel room - see I am doing Christmas lol :-)

  8. Good choice on the cement garden ornaments rather than plants. I always get weeds growing in my wood hips. It’s enough work keeping that up, the pools lovely.

    1. Hoping the pool liner (acting as weedmat) will keep the weeds at bay!

  9. Your gonna have loads of fun in that pool. Best idea ever, and you've got plenty of those!
    Love the Xmas tree and little green warbler

  10. Julie H has left a new comment on your post "WHO NEEDS PLANTS?":

    Dumb rain messing up your walks!

    ***Yeah, accidentally deleted this one!


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