Sunday, December 16, 2018


My friends and I had a best time ever last night!
We had an early dinner at an eatery/bar in Hamilton... and we were ALL incredibly impressed with the food and service.

ABOVE:  Some of the meals we got... all 'pub food'... but exceptionally good and super generous portions!  Most of us struggled to eat all on our plates!  The Hillcrest Haven Bar & Eatery...  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the place!!!

I am keen to take Stew and the kids there, that's for sure.

 ABOVE:  All ready for my night out!   Note I even put funky flowers on me sneakers!  (Truth be known, the purple flower is covering a hole!  lol)  And I didn't spend one single cent on my outfit, I already had it all.  

ABOVE:  Our happy group of 9 FBG's, and one FBG teenage daughter too.

ABOVE: The show was slick as, but the music I found very loud, pitchy, and the music mostly drowned out the girls voices.

Except for this song, which only had the piano as accompanying music:

ABOVE:  this song was AMAZING... you could really hear the girls voices and they really COULD sing!  

Most of the show they were literally screaming the words to try and be heard over the music!

They didn't really sound a lot like the original ABBA ... but all in all it was an awesome show.  I did enjoy it.

I think that about covers the evening. *smiles*

Today we are heading up to Auckland for Dante's 6th Birthday.  I can't believe how fast kids grow up!  

We will also be checking out a car for Brylee.  If we like it, Brylee and I will stay on overnight and pick it up on Monday, once it's been registered and had it's change of ownership done.  

So, another full day ahead.  I will try and update during the day.  Catch ya later. 


Safely in Auckland...the trip was good. Just had pizza for BIRTHDAY lunch. 

ABOVE: FREAKIN Steve got out the portable air on. Bliss.

Well...looks like  Brylee and I will be staying in Auckland tonight and picking up her car tomorrow morning and then heading home.

Till then we are hanging out with Steve and Bex and the kids.

ABOVE: Playtime.  Birthday photos will be on the blog once I get home tomorrow.

 ABOVE: Dinner is  served. 

ABOVE: They are ready for Christmas.

Signing off for the day now...catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Dante. Enjoy your family day and car shopping in Auckland. Great to hear that you enjoyed the ABBA show - your costume looked amazing!

  2. wow master 6 Happy Birthday Dante how special u can celebrate his day he would have been super excited you and the clan where there.

  3. Great pics happy birthday to Dante. Hot here too.

  4. You are really Rocking it over there!!!!!!! Love the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm glad you had fun!

  6. I am absolutely loving your gorgeous blog! Thanks

  7. I am absolutely loving your gorgeous blog! Thanks


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