Sunday, December 23, 2018


Very frustrating last night when my internet kept going on and off... and I couldn't post any photos.

I finished the 3rd House Runner and wanted to show you... but it has had to wait till today.

It's a bit different from the first two:

ABOVE:  We have 'funky' houses!  Stew really likes it, so do I.  Though I feel it could have had a few more details... but I got tired after doing what is on it!

Now I really have to make a start on more Dog Place mats.  Not really looking forward to it... it's mindless slog now.
I much prefer doing stuff like the runners, cos I can get a bit creative with them.

But... place mats sell! And if I want to keep sewing (which I do love), I need to sell stuff.

2 sleeps till Christmas.  And us going up to Auckland for a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to that.  It will be time out.
Lacy is staying home to look after the dogs... very happy she's here to do that for us.

Right, time to make a start on the day... we might end up going into Hamilton cos I still want to get a couple of last minute things for Christmas.


I decided to do a collage of all three House Runners:

ABOVE:  And that's a wrap for House Runners for a little while.
Three solid days work, not bad.

AND THE QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who left a full bottle of Malt vinegar on our front doorstep this morning....or late last night????

10.40 pm:  And no answer about the vinegar!  I'm going to tip it down the drain... cos I have no idea who put it by our front door, or why, and what's actually in it!

I did NO sewing today .. instead I tidied up the sewing room and moved a couple of things around to try and get more 'workable' space.  

I also had a nana nap!  I'm so tired.  Must have needed it, I think I slept for over an hour.

Time to sign off for the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.  Christmas Eve Day!


  1. All of the house runners are really cute! The last one looks like Dr. Suess ! You could do soooo much with that style. Make any image (not just a house). The possibilities are endless. Dogs and cats, of course. But ANYTHING! Words, names, animals, trains, flowers, ANYTHING! The outline thread just makes the image so crisp and clear!

  2. Those houses are fantastic Chris... have fun in Auckland with the family for Christmas. That's good that Lacy can look after the dogs :) I'm sending you a photo for an idea of another runner... similar to those you have made.

  3. Patricia in Canada10:40 AM

    They are so cute, Love number three, looks like happy smiling faces. Show us some of the ideas dogstars suggested. Patricia

  4. I love them all Chtis but the wonky one is super cute.

  5. What a weird thing to leave on the doorstep! Love all the runners. I always have that sew what I like or sew what sells war in my head lol.


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