Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Well... I'm a bit guilty of being tardy in getting these photos up, but I was too busy yesterday to edit them till late last night.

So here they are:

ABOVE: Opening a gift from Griffin.  He was pretty thrilled with it.

ABOVE:  This proved to be the gift of the day.
He ♥LOVED♥ it.

 ABOVE:  Keera hanging out with Granddad.

 ABOVE: His favourite gift.

 ABOVE: Playing Jenga with their Dad.

 ABOVE:  Archer absolutely loved this game.

 ABOVE:  My favourite photos from the day, the love between these boys shines through.

 ABOVE:  Time to eat cake.

 ABOVE:  After birthday lunch we went down to a local playground for a play.  We had to dodge showers, but it was still lovely and warm.

ABOVE: An interesting walkway going over a main road.  

 ABOVE: The playground is within a large park, so lovely for them to be really near a large open space/park/swimming complex.

ABOVE: Christmas in New Zealand.  Summer sun.  Beaches. BBQ's and ice creams.  And Pohutukawa trees, which only flower over summer.

And there ends the birthday photos.

Today?  Off to town first thing to post a parcel to a lady down the line (Heather) and pick up more of Griffin's acne medication.  And then Brylee has (hopefully), her last podiatry appointment.

I am going to be BRAVE and let her drive us down town in her car!  God help me, I will be shitting myself!!!

If I don't update after about 12 noon... presume the worst!  lol

Yeah, I hope I'm joking!  *grimace*

Then it will be home to do some housework, follwed by a swim in the pool and a lazy afternoon.

I am going to have to pull my finger out soon and make more placemats and Tree Table Runners... in time for the two January markets I have on.  But for now... nah.  Time out.


OH WOW!  I forgot the one thing I really wanted to mention.
Brylee's car's NUMBER PLATE IS:

'LWL **'.    I thought about it for probably half an hour, wondering how to remember it.
Then it came to me:

LILY WHITE LEGS ** !  Cos, well Brylee's legs virtually NEVER see the sun, so they are LILY WHITE.  lol

So that's stuck, and I doubt anyone will forget the number plate now!  *smiles*

We shall be calling her little car 'Lily' as well.  Might as well... it suits her.  

12.20 pm:

Very relieved to say she drove quite well.  A bit jerky... getting used to a new car.  But she will be fine once she's had more practise.

She had to have another procedure on her poor toe, at least only one this time.

We did a little Christmas shopping, and she got air fresheners for her car, as the previous owner was OBVIOUSLY a bloody smoker.
The car REEKS... almost makes me gag.

I've already emptied two entire cans of carpet deodoriser onto the seats and roof!

Hopefully the smell goes away eventually.

Bugger, I forgot Griffin's medication, so will be heading back to town in just a moment, but I did want to let ya all know I WAS still alive.  *ha ha ha*

10.05 pm:  Well.. it's been a wonderful afternoon and evening.
Lacy and I spent some time out in the pool and sunbathing.
Brylee couldn't... cos she's got a bandaged big toe again, and she doesn't 'sunbathe'... gotta keep them legs lily white eh?  lol

I made spag bol for dinner, it was OK... I am not much of fan anymore, it's a bit too heavy for me now.  And it keeps repeating on me for hours.  Not fun.

It's time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. We do that too - use the letters of the number plate to make something to remember it. I'm HNP - that instantly became 'Happy Nana Poppa'. We sometimes play games with the kids while driving long distance - think of things the three letters could stand for. If it's just my daughter and me it can get a little X rated :)

  2. The car is just too cute. And Lily White Legs is totally appropriate!

  3. gorgeous pix of the kids.... adorable!! Christy xxx

  4. What handsome little ones and growing so fast. Great license idea my daughter does the same thing. When I make up one sometimes I do not dare tell them cause they are quite naughty. Oh well. Puts a smile on my face anyway. Merry Christmas and a blessed new Year.

  5. Great birthday photos. Just love the way Dante is looking at Archer-love shining through! Glad you are still alive and well done Brylee. Love your car and it's name.

  6. For Brylees car get one of the packets of cuddly fabric softener and pop it under the seat, the nice smell lasts for ages and is way cheaper than any of the proper car things. Lasts for months :-).

  7. Oh gorgeous photo of the boys. And Keera with Stew so cute. My number plate is LKK so I call it Lucky! Which is true because I got it "cheap" and it's in perfect condition and right when I needed a car! I hope you get the smell out. Let me know what works.

  8. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Hi Watching little Archer playing Jenga, he seems a really clever little boy....all the grandchildren are so lovely...


  9. Looks like Dante had a great party!


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