Friday, December 07, 2018


Well today... I'm heading up to Auckland to babysit Steve 'n' Bex's kids so they can go out to his end of year work do.

Before I leave I have to make sure I have everything ready to go for tomorrow's market.  

Then when I get home there will be nothing to do until first thing Saturday morning, when we head off to Tamahere.  The Saturday Christmas Market is from 10 - 2, so it won't be a mad rush in the morning.

I'm taking up Christmas presents this trip too... slowly getting them all out of my house!

Lacy is due home today sometime, shame I won't be home to see how wrecked she is from a couple of days hanging out with friends!  What a life eh?  Party party party.

Soooooo.... I might just get outta bed, put stuff in the car, and leave around 10 am.  That way I will miss all the 'going to work' traffic.

Catch ya later.


ABOVE: Well I'm safely in Auckland. I stopped in Hamilton and picked up a portable, multi use tripod/selfie stick. It cost me nothing as I still have credit at Snapshot. SCORE!

Now I'm gunna have a play with it.

5.30 cute!
Little Archer came up to me earlier and asked me if I knew how to cook dinner? I think he was worried I would starve him! 

Needless to say I have fed the poor mite.

ABOVE: Yes.... I let them eat in the lounge! AND watch a movie at the same time.

And it's 10.30  .. kids are asleep. Me movie was lovely. Going to have a nap till Steve and Bex get jome... then I will drive home.



  1. You will probably be there by now,,, so hope the trip went well and will be neat to have some special times with more of the family

    Enjoy !!! all the best with markets tomorrow..

  2. U always non stop driving Auckland watch kids then market tomorrow I'd be shattered just withh the driving. Look forward if some photos off the kids.

  3. it wasn't party party party ya Muppet

  4. Wish I had all my Christmas ready to go. Oh that is right we dont give gifts too old and too cheap and what we could give our kids they wouldn't want anyway. Merry christmas to me. Stay safe in aussie.

  5. Your grandkids will love having you there!! Steve and Bex will like it even more - I hope they have a lovely evening.

  6. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Sorry - Archer. Stupid auto-fill!!! Liz (again)

    1. Looks like yr first comment didn't come through *smiles*

  7. LOL do you know how to cook how funny! What a cutie!


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