Thursday, December 06, 2018


So, my new phone is not an iPhone.
It's a Samsung Galaxy S9+.
What a mouthful!

Yesterday I did (finally) manage to get my email to work.
There's still some things to sort out, sign into etc.  The camera seems to be really good though!  Steve (our #2 son) told me the camera is one of the best you can get on a phone.

I used the phone's camera to take the walk photos last night, ...

 ABOVE:  They are just fine!

 ABOVE: I photographed this garden sculpture last year, and couldn't resist taking another photo of it this year.  It's so neat!
It's a stylised  KIWI.

ABOVE: I was taking 'selfies' with the new phone ... something I'm not that good at.  I have NOT worked out my best 'angles' yet, my FBG friend Hayley said one needs to find your best angles!  Anyway, I was having a play and Griffin photo bombed me!
Little shit.

Now, I mentioned yesterday that I had started working on a new little project.  This is it so far:

ABOVE:  It still needs more stitching, adding bits 'n' bobs to it... but you get the gist.  It's  a Table Topper, should measure about 1 metre square once finished, maybe slightly smaller.  
I'm enjoying making it.

PAULA:  I will make your Tree Table Runner after I finish this one. *smiles*

So, today I will be sewing, and recovering from last night's walk!  EVERYTHING is stiff and sore from the hips down!  I hope I'm OK by tonight as I am leading another walk!  Yikes.  At least it's 'only' 5.5 kms.  *smiles*

 Right, better go, get outta bed and get sewing.


1 pm:  And I've been sewing all morning.
I think it's finished:

ABOVE:  It's quite basic?  But I don't want to put too much on it and have it distract from the trees?  Dunno.
It's 77 cm square, so not too big.  I will be taking it to market on Sat/Sun this weekend.

I'm freezing!  We have huge black clouds hanging overhead, AGAIN.  This shitty weather is supposed to have passed by now.  All I can say is I hope like hell it does by Saturday!  I'm out in the open at Market on Saturday.

5.50 pm:  And I've canceled tonight's walk.  The weather is far to unpredictable and I'm still sore as hell from last night's huge walk!
As there were only a few other girls lined up to walk with me, it wasn't a bad call to cancel it.
There will be other chances for everyone to do it in the next few days, when the weather is supposed to be better.

So... might now do something about dinner.  Hmmmm... 

Dinner done, family fed, evening winding down.  Coronation Street on... then bed.


  1. Good on you for doing the longer walk! Hope your walk today aids your recovery. Love the new project!

  2. gr8 walking effort and awesome that Griffin joined you all. Such a neat thing that you share the pics with us,, gives an idea

    of your lovely wide open spaces away from city life..and love the wee quirkies you show us from the neighborhood.

    That selfie was pretty good ,even with your bomber there . (smiles) Much needed rain (well drizzle) where we are today,, so happy to see it,,, nearly counting the drops ..

    Enjoy the pool,, now its all up and running...

  3. weather has been so unpredictable here lately too heavy rain over night and fresh snow on the mountains make lawn mowing near impossible. hope its fine up there for your market weekend

  4. Nice table topper! The phone takes nice pictures. I like your smiley pictures ;)


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