Tuesday, December 04, 2018


I'm going into Hamilton today, primarily to drop Christmas Presents off and get them outta my house!
They are all in my sewing room right now, just taking up space.

If I end up in Auckland on Friday (as planned) I will be dropping off Steve and Bex's presents then too.  Yaaaa.

I don't really need to do any shopping, except groceries that is.  *sigh*   So, I will probably do the grocery shopping too... kill two birds with o
ne stone and all that.


I have a couple of photos to show you:

 ABOVE:  This is Diesel, he is from Coco's 2nd litter.  That's his human Barclay, who's a pretty special kid.  (photo taken in 2012)

ABOVE:  Diesel at 6 weeks old.

ABOVE:  Diesel now.  Awwww isn't he adorable.

It is so lovely to see some of our puppies as they grow.  
Makes me a bit excited to perhaps have more!

PHEW what a day so far!
I was all packed and ready to drive to Wellington by 9 am this morning!

A  family member was very unwell and I felt I wanted to be down there... but he's come through his procedure very well, so crisis over!

So... instead of driving to Wellington, I went into Hamilton and did some shopping.

Call it 'stress relief'!  I bought more Christmas decorations!  Like I needed any more?  Not really.

But shopping did help take my mind off what was happening down in Wellington for a couple of hours.

 ABOVE: The new decorations.  This is certainly the time to be buying them, almost all were 50% off in Farmers!
I got the Elf from The Christmas Shop on Victoria Street, he was 30% off too.  The hearts and balls etc have not photographed well at all, they are really pretty and sparkly.

ABOVE: Even Lacy got in the mood, and bought these two for herself.  The ball says 'Naughty' on one side, and 'Nice' on the other side.  I think she should try for 'Nice' a bit more often!  lol

It is now 5.20 pm and I've done nothing about dinner yet.  It's been a funny kinda day really.
My plans were so up in the air for a while... at least now I know how my week should play out again.

9.30 pm:  And it's all quiet here now.  Stressful day, but now all is good again.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.
I have started a new little project this evening.  Will show you tomorrow. 


  1. what totally awesome pics today and the wee boy the way he is cuddling the puppy.. those are the pics we can all enjoy. Reminders of the wee ones how they grow and the pups how much pleasure they give everyone

    Love its name!!

    Have a gr8 day all of you there ..


  2. Great to catch up on all the news pool looks awesome!

  3. Retail therapy for the win!

  4. Hope your family member continues to recover well xx

  5. Wanted to post and realized we are 2 hrs behind !!.

    . NEW project ???? .. Well done you !!!.. catch up tomorrow !!!

  6. Every year I look for FC ornaments on special. My Dad was FC in Dannevirkes Santas Cave for many years and he loved it too. So I buy them in memory of him.

  7. It's good to keep t-shirts for 12 years before wearing them. That way, they're classics!
    The "Naughty" ball looks like part of an iron ball and chain that prisoners wear.
    You're walking way more than me!


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