Saturday, December 15, 2018


I didn't get into today's Tamahere Market... and I'm THANKFUL.  

I'm actually feeling very tired.  I've been on the go for weeks and the last thing I feel like is another market.

Tonight I'm off to the ABBA Show, so I am going to have a quiet day.

Joel only has one rowing race today, so after that they will be heading back to Tauranga.
Fingers crossed he has a good race.

I got a few nice photos of Joel and Griffin in the pool yesterday :

 ABOVE:  They had a lot of fun.
So thankful we got the pool!
Lovely to see teenage boys actually OUTSIDE having fun.

I got a bit sunburnt yesterday, so I had a rather 'hot' night!

I tried taking a selfie to show the red face, but seriously, I don't even look red!  I'm just gunna go brown.  I have avoided the sun for quite a few years, and am the whitest I've been since I was a baby I reckon!!!

So, I'm going to get a bit of a tan this summer, particularly as now I can cool off in the pool while working on it!  *smiles*

And... that's all I've got to blither on about for now... so I'll be back later.

Goodness knows what I'm doing today really.   NO sewing that's for sure, all of Lacy's shit is piled up in me sewing room!  (Jacqui and Joel are in the room she was using).

ABOVE:  And NO Stew, it wasn't ME doing your SUDOKU puzzle.  Just sayin'.


It's nearly midday, and so far we have done very little.
Barr find our missing double airbed, which we need for Christmas night up in Auckland!
I'd been hunting for it for WEEKS... and luckily Stew found it up in the attic today.

I'd been looking for it in IT'S BLOODY BOX, but had forgotten that I'd packed it into a big plastic bag after I used it last time, as it was too hard to get back in the box.  Hence my not finding it earlier, was looking for the damn box eh?  Derrr.

Oh well... will know next time.

The weather is glorious, totally NOT what the weather forecast was for.  I'm tempted to get back in the pool... get some exercise by swimming around and around in circles.  lol

ABOVE:  She loves him.

2.05 pm:  ummm what did I say about the weather?
Scrap that!
Everyone left for various places, so I decided to jump in the pool for a swim.  And literally MINUTES later .. huge storm clouds overhead.
So I continue swimming.. then rain.

And thunder.

So out I get, race around the house dripping wet closing windows and doors, get into me nightie... cos I have yet to have a shower and do me hair etc for tonight.

Now... what do ya bet the bloody sun comes out again?  And I'm left sitting here, IN ME NIGHTIE, dripping hair, in a bloody sauna?  Yeah.  Let's wait for that.

Well... I was going to wear my hair down and straightened, but it's going to be too hot.  So I just went for me normal bun... and flowers:

ABOVE:  Still in me nightie though!  

12.02 am: home from the show... had a FABULOUS time!  I will give you a full report tomorrow, before we head off to Auckland for the day.
But for now... time for bed.


  1. I keep debating on signing up for one more weekend of sales but I also keep talking myself out of it. So far Sunday is my last one for the month lol.

  2. Bahahaha Jacqui you're not gonna get a hug now! Hehehe Lol enjoy ABBA Chris. You should know all the words. Love the boys in the pool photos.

  3. Maria9:12 AM

    get a rash vest for Griffin to wear in the pool while he's on the his meds, so he doesn't get sun burnt.

    1. Fantastic idea Maria, thanks. Yesterday when he was in the pool there was no sun out btw.

  4. Love the abba look. Love their music too.
    NZ weather sure is changeable!

  5. wow u look so young with your make up xx

  6. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Maybe you could get a shade sail for over the pool?



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