Saturday, December 29, 2018


For the first time ever, I think I am happy with my home dye job!
Not sure what I did differently... maybe it was the tin foil wrapped around me head for 50 minutes!  lol

I'd not done that before, anyway... here's how it looks now:

ABOVE: There's still a bit of yellow showing, bu that will fade soon enough.

It's Saturday, and we are expecting Steve, Bex, the three kids and Bex's Brother Matt.  Matt is visiting from Invercargill.... which is down at the very bottom of our South Island.  The 'Boon Docks' in other words. *smiles*

Matt is lovely, so it will be fun having him to visit, along with the family.

I need to do a bit of juggling around with the beds, but we shall fit them all in.

Back to today....


Feeling cranky as F*#K this morning.
I wanted to go into town ... but we had to stay home to drop Brylee off to work and pick Griffin up from his work.

Just so frustrating that we are still tied to kids after 'parenting' for 40 years (on 2.1.19).
NOT these two kids fault, and I wouldn't trade having them for anything of course, but it is just so frustrating.  Some days I just want to cry.  Today being one of them.

The Auckland family group will be here later on today now, not this morning.  They left later than expected, so are off having lunch with Bex and Matt's brother and his little family in Te Awamutu.

I can't wait to see the little kids in the pool!
I was cold earlier on ... but the sun is slowly creeping through the haze now.

Stew and I will pop downtown (local) soon to see if we can find a foam mattress or two. We are a bit short on spare beds!

I was going to buy another double airbed, but changed my mind.  They can get holes in them, there where are ya?  On. The. Floor.  lol, like Steve and Bex the other night!

2.40 pm:  The family arrived.  Two minutes later Steve spied the pool, and was really impressed with how big it was... next thing....

ABOVE:  off came his clothes and he leap over the side and into the pool!
He's a water baby.  Like me, he loves water.
Dante decided he wanted to get in as well, so off came his clothes and he joined his Dad.

But, it was cold, so he didn't enjoy it.

 ABOVE:  Get me out!

ABOVE:  Thankfully, the undies stayed on.  *smiles*

11.25 pm:  Just finished a shortened game of Cards Against Humanity with Steve, Bex and Matt.  Was OK, but I think we need more cards for more options now.
Still fun.

Time to head off to bed.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Your hair is gorgeous. Tinfoil must have done the trick. They use it for foils so who knows?

  2. Loving that new colour. Not just a block colour but lots of highlights.Well done you. Enjoy your fizziest.


  3. Can Brylee not drive herself now?

    1. No, not until she has her Restricted License, which she will be sitting at the end of January. Until then, she must have a licensed driver in the car with her at all times.

  4. Won't be long now and you be down to one taxi run. Love the hair have a lovely weekend, $5 says Bomb zone central

  5. Trevor got his permit yesterday but has to have one outing with the drivers ed people ($100 sigh) before he can drive with us.


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