Saturday, December 22, 2018


Today I will be working on the 3rd House Runner.
And I thought of a way to make this one just a bit different from the first 2.

I am a little bit excited to make a start on it, so I can show you! *smiles*

It's quite nice making something different for a change I must say.

It's not going to last long though as the Dog fabric arrived yesterday, which means I shall have to get back to making more of them for the January markets.

Yikes only 3 more sleeps till Christmas!!!
Are you ready???
Who's like me and all sorted, and who's NOT?

The only thing I can't find is Earnest Adams Christmas Cakes!  Grrrrr.
They are THE BEST ever.

Stew said he would go down to Countdown and see if they had any this morning.  Fingers crossed they do.

And that's me for now .... I will be back a bit later with a photo of how my next House Runner is coming along.


1.30 pm:   progress on the latest House Runner is slow.
And messy.
Stew had already cleaned up my floor once today, it will need it again by the end of the day.

Did I mention Stew is off work now for a whole 23 days!  He will probably just start to feel 'rested' and have to go back to work.
We don't have any 'go away' plans ... there might be a few day trips though.

 Sheesh it's quiet around here!
Brylee and Griffin are at work.
Lacy is asleep, recovering from a couple of days in Tauranga.
Stew is probably going to fall asleep in his chair soon.
And me?
I'm gunna keep sewing.

Cos I love it.  End of Story.  I'll be back later.

8.40 pm:  And it's been a productive afternoon.
Stew got quite a bit of gardening done, and I did my sewing.

And now I'm having computer/internet issues... so annoying!

I can't upload photos for some reason... so sorry, I can't show you my 3rd House Runner... and it's really FUNKY!

Hopefully I can tomorrow?

Signing off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.



  1. I just went and googled that cake. YUM!

  2. New World normally have them... Loving the house runners

  3. Hope you had success getting uncle Ernie fruit cake. I made mine this year lot of fuddling around think I'll go back to tried and trusted next year cheaper if nothing else. Just having a sit down from doing Xmas chocolates. For someone who does 'do' Christmas there has been a bloody lot of work going on...shortbread, gingerbread house and men, Rudolph biscuits, caramel peppermint and fudge slice Christmas chocolates and Christmas trees .... No wonder I'm begggered. Glad to hear Stew got a good break. Enjoy you family time .

  4. Relax and enjoy your 23 days together lol That is why you have both worked so hard all year and now is time you guys had a break ..

    A home break is just as good with R&R happening each day.

    Thats rest n relax!! or Rock n Roll .. Take your pick lol Rock and roll was our older cousins and alls era,,

    but now we look back and love it all still...

    Catch up next year but will still take a BO Peep in on here as we can ..

    Enjoy the break all of you on here..

    Cheers !!

  5. Anonymous6:46 PM


  6. I Adore your little Forecast Banner - that is SO precious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 23 days! That's an awesome amount of time off.


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