Friday, December 21, 2018


So.  Last night I had to actually stop sewing as I ran out of black cotton!
That's never happened before.

Therefore,  today I will need to pop into Hamilton to get more.

Here is a 'sneek peek' at the latest House Runner:

ABOVE:  I couldn't help myself!  It's a bit cheeky eh?   *smiles*

It is so weird not having any FBG walks to go on.  I miss them so much already, but am also really tired and am thankful there are none!
Doesn't make sense really, but the summer heat is so draining.
I find it impossible to walk in the heat.

There IS a walk on tomorrow night, a 'social FBG Walk' that I might go on... but it will all depend on how hot it is!  Also, it's almost 6 kms long, and as I've not walked in over a week I'm not sure how I'd go on such a long walk.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on, then rattle the kid's dags, see if either of them want to come into Hamilton with me.  Usually one or other do, just to get outta the house.


1.45 pm: just home from Hamilton.
I got a bit more than I intended, but hey, if the price is right!

ABOVE: I'd been looking for bobbin holders for ages, so grabbed them when I found them at a shop in 5 Cross Roads, then we got the cottons at Spotlight...

 ABOVE:  ... and the fabrics from Spotlight too.  That adorable puppy fabric will make cute little mug rugs.

Then Brylee and I did a small grocery shop.  While in checkout we saw a Nissan Juke drive by:

ABOVE:  It had this HUGE REAR SPOILER on it!!!!  (photos off Google images).




HIDEOUS, utterly over kill, totally unnecessary.  HEINOUS.

5.05 pm:  And Brylee is at work.  Griffin and Stew are at work, due  home in about an hour or so.  I did more sewing... and DAMMIT!

It bloody rained and me doors and windows were open.  So, several places got a 'bit' wet.  Mostly the doorway looking out to the back... it really pissed in there.  Grrrr.

On a happier note:

ABOVE:  The 2nd Houses Runner is done.

Almost dinner time... just having a silly bugger dinner tonight.  
Relaxing evening ahead, Coronation Street and not much else.

I have an idea in mind for my 3rd House Runner... it's not going to be quite the same as the first 2.  *smiles*

And on that note, I'm signing off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.  


  1. I love your table toppers. Wow what a project. Your are so talented.

  2. Love the fruity bum ladies fabric.

  3. I know exactly what u mean about the heat exhausting ya. I am exactly the same always have been. You have been running on full speespeed for months lady Jane its no wonder u r tired. I don't know how u do it.

  4. Phew, you had me there until I scrolled down - yes that spoiler is hideous!!

  5. Omg I'm glad you followed that up with a "said No one ever"

  6. Love your house runners. Are these for your market stalls? You do not need a spoiler on your car. Haha!!!!

    1. Yes they are for the markets. And yep... there is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever put such a hideous thing on my car! lol

  7. I have those same bobbin holders and love them.

    I keep blues/purples/greens on one,
    yellow/red/orange/pink on one.
    Neutrals on the third (whites, grays, blacks, tans, Browns).

    I also have three spool holders (pegs on wall) that hold nearly 100 spools between them. That really helps too.

    Love the house runners!

    Holiday ones would be great - row of houses decorated for Halloween, Christmas, etc.

    I was picturing a 4th of July row of houses (flags, red/white/blue) that would be so awesome (but of course would not sell there).

    Make sure you price the houses high enough, I can tell how much time goes into all the fussy cutting and piecing. They are really great.


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