Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Yesterday I lay in the sun for a while... and I pulled me tankini up to get some sun on me belly.

Whoops.  Wrong move.
Me poor belly is rather pink today, and a bit sore.  I'd show ya, but well... it's not a pretty sight, trust me!

So, no more sunbathing for now.

Well... the weather is supposed to be wet on and off for the next week at least, so chances are I wouldn't be out in the sun anyway!

It will be a shame if it's raining on Christmas Day... but not uncommon around here.

 ABOVE:  I'm starting to itch to sew again.  I know I must do more placemats and runners, but until the dog fabric arrives my hands are tied.  So... I've been wanting to make something like the above for ages.  It's a table topper... I might make a start on one today.

 ABOVE:  A woman at our Patchwork group did this quilt for Christmas, I am eager to give it a go too.  Maybe not a quilt sized one, but certainly a table topper?
Of course, as it's a Christmas one, I won't be in a hurry to do it right now.  *smiles*

It's cute though eh?

ABOVE:  Lastly for now, here's darling wee Archer after having his hair cut on Monday.  Let's call it his 'summer cut' !  lol

Well... I'm off to start my day... catch ya later.


MAGPIE:  Yes he is very sweet natured.  And quite shy around most people.  But at home?  Normal boy.  lol

 ABOVE:  Airing out the Lily... cos OMG she stinks!  Brylee soaked the ash tray overnight, but it still reeks, so I just told her to put two blocks of Scentsy wax in it.  Hopefully that helps.

ABOVE:  I've been working on this the past couple of hours... it's not as easy as I thought it was going be.  That's for sure.
I still have to do masses of stitching .... and refining of details.  But it's coming along ... slowly.

8.40 pm:  I've had a delightful afternoon and evening.
First up, I got heaps done on the new sewing project.

Then after lunch my FBG girlfriend Susan called in and stayed for a chat, then left MINUS her daughter, who stayed to hang out with Brylee.

Both girls spent a good amount of time in the pool, before Lacy took Brylee to work and dropped Zoe off home again for me.

I didn't do the drop offs  as another FBG girlfriend popped in after whe finished work and stayed for a couple of hours.

So I was spoilt for company today!

After Sue left, Stew, Griffin and I went to Hello India for dinner.  It was beautiful food, but sadly, pretty poor service tonight.
We requested more rice... and after waiting half an hour Stew had to go up and ask again.  They also 'forgot' to bring our drinks, so no drinks for us. 

They were rather busy, but still... not good enough.

Thing is... their food is amazing, so we will no doubt go again!

Once home, I went into the sewing room and actually finished the House Runner!

ABOVE:  'Sneek Peek'... I will show the finished Topper tomorrow.  I'm pretty pleased with it.

We went to the Pharmacy after dinner and got some cream for my sunburnt belly.... it's SO SORE!!!  Never going to let it see the sun again!

And that's a wrap for the day... catch ya tomorrow.

Mum... I'm so happy you are enjoying the blog so much. 


  1. Wow love the table topper and the xmas quilt. I have heaps of time during break to sew but too late for Christmas sewing. Have plenty to finish. Ouch on sunburn. It's so long since I got sunburnt but I can still feel it! I couldn't go to work for a week in Oz and it was only one leg!

  2. Is Archer as sweet natured as he looks.

  3. oh a bit sun burnt are ya hehe, told ya you were getting a bit pink Ma 😂

  4. You changed your profile picture! Love it! That quilted house is really cute and could be made in so many various ways. Could you make your own house in some whimsical way? That could be interesting!

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Brylee might have to have the seats and fabric on the roof and floor carpets cleaned professionally...get the whole car good Brylee doesn't sunbake she is very fair and will end up with sun damage..I have never been able to sunbake either....but still have the sun damage having to get sunspots burnt off with the spray every now and then..



  6. Oh yuk yuk yuk to that smoke smell!! I'm sure it will go eventually. Archer is so shy around me - and yes, apparently not at home I'm told :)

  7. You might want to have Brylee clean anything with fabric (seats, possibly trim on doors, and even the ceiling) with fabric shampoo, wash the carpets with carpet shampoo, and wipe every other surface with a good all purpose cleaner. Then put an open bowl with Downey Unstopables or the equivilent in your country on the floor of the car. Temporarily keep the ashtray out of the car and let it sit in the fresh air and soak it every night in heavy duty cleaner for at least two weeks. That's what I had to do to start to get the smell out of my car.

  8. It may take a month or so for the smoke smell to go away. My daughters car had the same problem, I went crazy with a bottle of febreeze, it got sprayed every time she went to drive the car, finally after about a month - 6 weeks the problem went away.

  9. Maria4:00 PM

    Try this for the car,

    I'd still want to wash everything too

  10. I like your house table runner better than the original, the dogs in the window are too cute¡,,

  11. Congrats Brylee on the new car. Sweet picture of Archer. Hope your sunburn feels better soon.

  12. That sucks that the car smells. My inlaws house is horrible. My mother in law gave me a sparkly pair of pants to use the fabric but I had to toss them after washing 3 times they still smelled.


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