Thursday, December 27, 2018


The 'diet' has gone to the dogs the past week or so... so today I am going to sit down and work out my meals for the next week or so.

Planning and resolve will get me back on track.
I have had my share of evil shit this silly season, and I don't feel too good about that.

I am dreading my next quarterly blood test!  Eeeek.

So, I've had a chance to upload a few photos, surprisingly I took virtually NONE over Christmas!
No idea why.

But here's a few I did take:

ABOVE: Our cute little tree.  Most of the presents had been delivered to family far and wide already.

ABOVE: I just love our 'fire place'... *smiles*  Maybe one day it will actually have a 'real' fire instead of a fake one.  lol

ABOVE:  A couple of presents.  The top one is dining table throws (to cover food) ... they are really handy.  I might have a go at making some for market.

 ABOVE:  Just Stew, Brylee, Griffin, Lacy and I around the tree in the morning.  It was really nice.  No fuss or stress or drama.  

I'm already thinking of ways to make sure next Christmas is a good one again.  Maybe a picnic on the beach ... weather permitting of course!

 ABOVE:  I  just love the look of cooked chooks!  Chicken bums! lol
These ones I cooked and took up to Auckland with me, they were delicious.

ABOVE:  Bex put on a wonderul spread for our Christmas Dinner!

And that's all I have for now.  
I'm going to do some housework, then ???

I think we are going into Hamilton ... our double airbed kinda deflated unexpectedly when Bex and Steve were sleeping on it the other night and ummm.... yeah.  They didn't have a very comfortable night.

So, as we do still want one for a handy spare bed, we are going to check out a few at The Base.  Preferably a self inflating one!  Pumping one up by hand/foot sucks.


12.10 pm:  And I've taken down and packed up all the Christmas stuff.  Took me about an hour and a half... which is way faster than it took to put it all up! Thank god.

Now?  Vacuming. The place is a tip.  I've asked various people over the past 2 weeks to vacum for me... and it ain't been done.  So... *sigh*, down to me by the look of it.

Later on I will get in the pool ... it's a gorgeous day out there.

Stew and I went down to our local Briscoes to get a few more towels!  Yep, decided at the price they were going for it would be crazy not to.

And thankfully, there was literally NO QUEUES at all.  Small town living, love it.
I've now finished washing all of the new linen and it's all out on the line.

Got surimi defrosting in the microwave for me lunch.  So, 'on track' for the day... so far.

Well... I only ended up doing half the vacuming... Lacy got home from town and did the rest for me.
As for the other person who got asked repeatedly to do it... well that person has been working a lot and completely forgot about it obviously.

I do give up asking after a while, I know I do!  But I am just over nagging.  

When I ask for something to be done, I really mean like NOW ... or better still, YESTERDAY!!!

I'm not a very patient person.  Ask Stew!  lol

I made a meat loaf for dinner, it was OK, not my best one though.  It was fairly insipid.  Not enough veges and stock I think.  It still got gobbled up though, so it wasn't ikky obviously.  *smiles*

I'm so tired I keep falling asleep in me chair!  So I won't be up late tonight.   I think the heat is draining me.

Also, I had a big blood sugar low this afternoon which was awful.  See, No Sugar and No carbs does have it's drawbacks!  Grrrrr.

So I had some bread with my meat loaf tonight, just to avoid another blood sugar low tonight!

Right, time to sign off for the day.  Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Love the table setting with the pukeko, oh and that corn and new potatoes,and beetroot and ham. Looks delish.
    Those dining table throws are a great idea. I must Google them .Definitely need some
    I'm glad Xmas is over . It's always 'fraught' in our family.

  2. I was posting this moring and realized I didn't take any pictures either. Except I really didn't take any... !

  3. look like a lovely day!

  4. Those auto blow up double beds are fab.Come with good carry,storage bag,
    We paid $150 for ours and used it that night then following week was at Aldi stores for $79,,

    Makes you want to cry. Could’ve had two for the price of one ,,,!!!

    Nice to have a few more days at home,,

    Hope the weather treats you right..

  5. I vacuumed......but only after getting home midmorning and Ma gave me the 'I'm not grumpy at you but I am' look she loves me really she does lol 😂 😂 😂
    Vacuming done lol I hope to Mas standard or I'll get home tomorrow to dog poos in my bed lol 😂 😂 😂

  6. Yum love the lunch spread...

    Now its my turn to vacuum....

  7. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Glad you had a great Christmas. But about the vacuuming … looks like you've trained them all very well. Ask them to do something for you, they ignore you, they keep ignoring you, so you go ahead and do it. That's completely disrespectful and ungrateful and selfish of them, whoever they are. You deserve better. You work very hard to make a wonderful home. Don't take that kind of poor treatment lying down. It's not unreasonable to expect people in the house to contribute to its upkeep. It is completely unacceptable that you should be so disrespected beneath your own roof. You're better than that. Karen in Sydney


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