Friday, December 28, 2018


I'm feeling frustrated as hell.

I still have not worked out WHAT TO EAT during the day to avoid having a blood sugar low by mid afternoon.

If I eat too many carbs they convert to sugar... and we all know by now that sugar is the devil!

But if I don't eat something sugary or high in carbs I get a low... so it's really pissing me off.

You'd think after 9 months of following low carb, no sugar (mostly), I would know eh?

But no,  *sigh*.  

So what to do?

I might try having my 'breakfast' (one slice of Burgen bread with vegemite or peanut butter) around mid to late morning, then having my lunch (protein based) around 2 pm?  That way I'm spacing out the meals better?
And having dinner between 6-7 pm?

I wish there was some support out there, but seriously, there doesn't seem to be for Type 2 Diabetics.  You just get given your medication and get told to eat healthily and exercise more.  

Great.  If I ate 'healthily'... like a 'balanced' diet, I'd still get a poor quarterly Hba1c result, cos my body reacts to carbs and sugar BADLY.

I feel as if I can't win.  If I eat normally I get shitty Hba1c results.  If I eat very, very carefully... I get lows.   Grrrrr.

I'm going to ring around various places till I can find some bloody help with this!  I'm over struggling to get the balances right on my own.

And yes, I've been pretty crap with the eating lately, so I will get a 'bad' Hba1c result in the next few weeks.  And my weight has gone up 2 kilos too.  That's why I  stuck to the plan yesterday... much good it did me.  But, I will stick to the plan again today and adjust feeding time at the zoo (for me anyway) and see if it helps.

Right, pity party over.   

There's an FBG Social Walk on this morning in less than 15 minutes, and I'm not sure I even want to go.  My walking motivation has shrivelled up and died.  It always does over summer.  It's just too bloody hot.  Maybe I will jump in the pool and get some exercise that way today?

We don't have any plans for the day, Griffin is working all day.  I think Brylee has work sometime today too... not sure.

Super proud of both of those kids, out there working, being productive and responsible.  


1.11 pm:  And I spent a nearly two hours dyeing my hair this morning.  Then I sewed up cushion covers (in blanket material), for the dogs beds.

Just had me lunch.  Surimi and shrimps.  And am now probably going to lie in the sun for a little while.

3.30 pm:  Well lying in the sun didn't last long.  Too many big clouds.

There is a Facebook page called 'Pay It Forward Cambridge', where you can post photos of things you no longer want and are happy to give them away.

I saw a painting advertised this morning on there, and asked to be considered for it.

And we got it.

So I just picked it up:

ABOVE:  It's a large (900 X 900) abstract.  Brylee loves it, so it shall be going on her bedroom wall.  
Now I have to 'pay it forward' and put something on the Facebook site for Free too.
Hmmmm... I will look around soon and find something to offer.

I'm cooking chicken pieces for dinner, not sure what will be the side dish yet, probably stir fried veges.  Loving them at the moment.

Oh and thanks for the dietary suggestions, I will check them all out tonight while it's quiet and I can jot down ideas.

7.30 pm:  And I scrapped the chicken idea, I felt like... macaroni cheese!  So I made that and added bacon and onion too.  It was bloody yum!
I sure won't be having a blood sugar low tonight!  Thank god.

It's been a fab day, lovely and fine with just a few big clouds that did not eventuate into rain as predicted.

Stew tidied up the garage this afternoon and made the dogs area smaller... it was just too big and taking up too much room.  They now literally have just enough room inside their pen for their beds!  
But hey, they have a huge run down the side of the house and spend a lot of the day inside with us too. The pen is just their 'bedroom'.

I'm signing off now... I plan on doing a little sewing tonight... having withdrawal symptoms! lol


  1. I am also proud of those kids! I have nothing to add to your diet situation, I know nothing about it. It seems quite complicated!

  2. Chris I just sent you an email, I hope it is helpful.

  3. Hi Chris, please look at this website. It is called "The low carb diabetic" and Eddie and Graham who run the site are extremely knowledgeable. Graham is a doctor. If you leave them a message they will be able to help you. This page I'm linking gives step by step instructions to being a low carb diabetic so I hope that helps.

    Yes, you should be extremely proud of Brylee and Griffin :)

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Chris: I was going to tell you about the same website: The Low Carb Diabetic! My foster son is severe diabetic (has lost both his feet), my dad was too and my brother is too (my dad passed away from stroke, brought on by his diabetes, on 8/29/2018 at age 90). This website is GREAT!!!
    Dawn Pinnataro; Albany, Georgia USA

  5. Can't help with dietary advice but will be watching other suggestions with interest.

    And so you should be proud of Brylee and Griffin ... you have raised two amazing young adults there.

  6. Good girl for not giving up

  7. Have you looked at the groups on Facebook? There is a group for everything on there.

  8. Lorraine H4:34 PM

    I love the abstract painting.We have a similar thing down this way Pay it forward Upper Hutt.

  9. Love love love that painting. Might do that in fabric. Big bold prints.

  10. Brylee you have great taste .lovin the pic and the pay it forward idea,

    Is that similar to Koha shed ? Read about recently in nz papers



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