Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Today I MUST REMEMBER to ring our Insurance Company and find out if we can add Brylee to our policy, so she can use my car to get her Restricted Drivers License.
I keep forgetting to do it!  Grrrrr.

So, that's the first thing on my agenda today.

Remember I said on Sunday that I needed a new bum bag (Fanny pack)?  Well someone suggested I make an apron instead.
So I gave it some thought yesterday and yep... I made one.

ABOVE:  *sigh*, Lacy took the photos, so yeah... wonky.
But you can see me apron... It's got 5 pockets across the front and sides.  I will be able to keep notes, coins and me phone in them.  There is also a pocket on the INSIDE across me bust.

That will be for 'cash built up'... positive thoughts there.  lol

ABOVE:  I am sure I will get plenty of use out of this apron, not just for Markets.  It's in a slightly heavier fabric than quilting cotton too, so it should be durable.
And yep, it's "nautical themed", *smiles*, perfect for me.

Today I am going to make a start on a runner for a friend down in Christchurch... another Red and Silver one!
All going well I should have it done by the end of the week.

OH, I also need to do something about my 'ABBA' outift.  Something is starting to form in my brain, and I have some fabric in me stash that will work for it too.  Which is great as I don't want to spend any money!

Tonight it's Card Night, being held HERE.  So I need to get the house ship shape, make something for supper and wrap a 'Secret Santa' gift.  

Right, that's about it for now... I better get me day started!  It's going to be busy.


So... just a nod to the girl who gave me the apron idea:  http://jansjabber.blogspot.com/
She's a blogger too.

I've decided to attend the FINAL FBG Urban Challenge walk of the year, this morning.  So... just getting ready now.
There will be a few 'social walks' organised too... but there really won't be many as people are always so busy with family and holidays.

11.40 am:  Home from the final 'official' FBG Urban Challenge walk.

 ABOVE:  It was predominantly overcast, but stinkin' hot!  We had rain overnight, it was like walking in a bloody sauna.  
Any walks I do from now on are going to be late at night!

 ABOVE: A sweet letterbox, and their garden:

ABOVE: So very pretty.  Lots of old fashioned flowers, like a rambling garden, but a bit more confined.

And now.. I have a long list of stuff to keep me busy for the rest of the day.

First on the list is to get my 'outfit' done for Saturday night's ABBA Concert!  Shouldn't take me too long, I'm keeping it simple.

ABOVE ... (BEFORE AND AFTER) : Well.... what do ya think of me Abba outfit?
I am probably going to make a headband for across my forehead too!  LOL.... not sure what to wear on me feet yet, but probably just my white skechers, cos they are comfortable, and at my age comfort is EVERYTHING.  lol

ABOVE:  Well.. I found this lovely rick rack, and Lacy thinks it looks perfect!  So, that's probably what I shall wear, with  me hair down and straightened.

What an awesome day!  I got everything done that I wanted/needed to.
Card night was so much fun, we even had a swim.
AND I drank (whoops, personal record here), SIX glasses of wine!!!!
OK, they were small glasses, but still... 6 glasses!  I am ever so slightly pissed.  lol

It's now 11.15 pm and I'm cooking myself some dinner!  Yep, didn't get around to feeding myself earlier in the evening.
Too much to do.

After my late 'dinner' I will be going off to bed.  Shit I hope I don't  have a hang over in the morning!  Just my luck I will.. I'm simply NOT used to drinking at all.


  1. I use an apron too, mine has 2 big pockets that work well

  2. Brilliant idea Chris .

  3. wonky is the new trend didn't ya know lol 😂 ads a bit of personality to it 😊

  4. That apron is a fantastic idea!! Enjoy your busy day, sounds fun :)

  5. Look at your skinny legs Missy!

  6. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Damn you’re clever !!! Michelle from Oz

  7. Love the apron Chris, I especially like the pocket on the inside in front of your boobs!!

  8. The outfit is perfect Chris

  9. That outfit is PERFECT!!!!!!! Clever you.

  10. Great job on the outfit!

  11. I agree with Lacy your Abba outfit is perfect

  12. Love the new abba outfit,, always fab to see the before n afters that way we "get it"better in our neck of the woods (smiles )

    Enjoy the night ..

  13. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Yes, you did a great job with the outfit...looks good...I drank too much sparkling wine tonight as well 3 glasses lol

  14. A pocket for coins, notes amd your phone?!!? You need a pocket for butcher knives, meat cleavers and spatulas!
    You look like you're getting ready to burst out laughing in the flower headband photo.
    Don't forget to get the insurance!

  15. You rock! Love the outfit!

  16. Great idea about the apron. Have loads of fun at the concert.

  17. Love the outfit! And clever on the apron - much more practical and useful :)

  18. Awesome outfit! The apron is also such a good idea ... maybe you should consider adding aprons to your range of goods for the markets 🙂. Feeling very excited about my coffee table runner! Thanks Chris!

  19. Love the apron and the outfit! I love aprons but I never can figure out how the gals use just the ones with the simple bottoms and no top. I get more mess on the front part of me than at the waist????


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