Saturday, December 08, 2018


I got home at 1.30 am and got straight into bed.
Tossed and turned all night, as I do before a market.

Woke up feeling sick as a dog... from tiredness of course.

But, I will come right, and there's time for a nana nap this afternoon!

The weather couldn't be BETTER!  Beautiful clear sky, it's going to be a stunning day.

Let's hope that brings the punters out Christmas Shopping!

Time to get sorted and head off... catch you this afternoon.

4.40 pm:  AND... today's market was my best yet!  Very, very happy with the results.
It wasn't even THAT busy, but I made some good sales.

It was HOT as hell.... so when we got home I jumped in the pool, which was FREEZING!
So I didn't stay in very long. 

lol... now I'm cold!

Stew is about to mow the lawns, which if we left any longer would be good for making hay!

 ABOVE: Our set up today.  We had a lovely site, plenty of room.  And nice neighbours too.

ABOVE: It is SO NICE having Stew with me!  Not just cos he helps with the set up and running the stall... but cos he's lovely company.  

Can you believe after tomorrow's market in Cambridge, I will have to make MORE Tree Table Runners!  They are just SO POPULAR!

It's 8.45 pm and both Stew and I are bone tired.  He spent 3.5 hours mowing the lawns!!!
Seriously, that's a huge job.  
So, it will be early to bed for both of us tonight.  I just hope I don't wake up at 3 am bright eyed and bushy tailed!

My 'normal' bedtime is between midnight and 1 am.  *smiles*  But not tonight.  I'm off to bed real soon.


  1. Best of luck .... such a gorgeous day!! 😊

  2. glad u home safe I thought of u often thru the nigh. have an awesome profitable day x

  3. Gosh, what a long day you had yesterday! Glad you got home safely. I hope that your market goes well today and that you make lots of sales.

  4. hope you feeling better.
    have a great day

  5. Yay good on you so pleased all your hard work is paying off....

  6. thrilled it went well

  7. Awesome. I'm so glad it's gone well for you Chris.

  8. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Your tree table runners are AMAZING!!


  9. How much do you sell you table runners for?

  10. Those photos show how much work you've put into your stall. A monstrous amount of merchandise lol
    So glad it went well

  11. I love those table runners too, as you know! I'm still considering my order.... and the colours!!! Christy xxxx

  12. Great to hear you had a wonderful day. lovely to have Stu with you.

  13. Your stall today looks fantastic, so glad you had a good day.

  14. Your stall looks great!


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