Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Yep... we are doing it.... we are heading over to Sylvia Park to do some shopping.

Us and probably 50,000 other crazy buggers. 

It's not like we do it I'm not going to get all hot and bothered... I hope!

ABOVE: Mid hot flush... Steve wafts me and in the background...Brylee is looking up the meaning of 'smegma'..... listen carefully is all I can say.

And that is all I've got for now....


Sleeping in Steve and Bex's bed means...

ABOVE: Company before 7 am. Yep.Good MORNING!

8.15 am and we headed off to Sylvia Park.... it was near EMPTY...

ABOVE: By the time we left about an hour later... it was getting crazy!

We had breakfast there... then after wandering around finding nothing we wanted, we went up the road to  Briscoes....

ABOVE: where we got lots of towels...which are much needed.

It was worth standing in this queue...

ABOVE: The queue stretched from one end of the shop to the other.... and half the width as well! But it was moving pretty fast as every checkout was manned.

Griffin was thrilled to get what he wanted from Harvey Norman's for $500 off too!

So we certainly made the most of the Boxing Day Sales.

We will be heading home soon. 

5.17 pm:  And we are safely home again.

I just read on STUFF (news site) that people are bitching about the lack of parking at Sylvia Park today, even saying there were NO PARKS at 8.30 in the morning.  WELL, that's a lie cos we were there at 8.30 am and there were heaps of parks to be had.
It was certainly getting busy by 9.30 though.

Glad we didn't spend too much time there cos the crowds would have been horrendous by midday I'm sure.

Glad to be home again, can relax and just enjoy the next few days.  I came home with a renewed determination to get a few jobs done around the house... mostly just general tidying up and de-cluttering.

10.20 pm:  time to sign off for the day, looking forward to bed.  
Tomorrow.... will be time to get back into some sort of routine again.
Food and exercise have been utter shit the past week ... time to turn it around again.


  1. Love it. Steve has an awesome soh. Oh how I miss my little brandies jumping into bed for a story or a chat. Priceless.

  2. What on earth did Griffin get for $500 off???? And what is Boxing day exactly?

    1. Gaming stuff for his Playstation.

  3. Now that's a clever move getting in early!! It looks like madness over that way now. We also got up early and beat the traffic to Coromandel :)

  4. Chris email your pics to stuff to prove their was plenty carparks.

  5. Holy Moly that's a line. I don't think I would have waited. PS I couldn't hear what she said so I looked it up lol


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