Monday, December 24, 2018



Well... surprisingly we don't have much to do!

I will be defrosting 2 chooks ready for stuffing and cooking first thing tomorrow morning.  Ready to take them up to Auckland on Christmas Day.

I've got no presents to wrap, it's all done!  First time ever I'm ahead of the game.

ITCHY.  So, so itchy.  On me belly.  But still sore!
Really burnt it.

Brylee has been lucky.  She had minimal pain from her sunburn!  She reckons she's already peeling too!

I am sure my belly will peel... but it's gunna take longer by the look of it.

Typically, the wet Christmas weather has arrived.  I always feel so sorry for all the people who go camping over Christmas... cos invariably it rains, if not storms.
I've got a dear friend who went up north 'Freedom Camping' in their house bus.  I hope they don't spend all their time inside it.  

At least they ain't in a tent!  *smiles*

I wouldn't mind going away over the holidays sometimes, but with dogs and the costs involved, we never do.
We don't really mind 'stay-cations', it's ok when ya love where you live eh?
AND I can still sew at home, and having the pool now means more fun at home.

Stew and I are 'home bodies' really.  Are you?
Or do you love going away?


11.40 am:  And as predicted, it's wet and miserable.
AND ...

ABOVE:  Flooding in Waihi, a popular holiday site.  The Motor Camp got evacuated last night.

And how horrible and sad about the Tsunami in Indonesia.  That country just doesn't get a break does it?

We are having a very quiet day, just preparing for tomorrow a little, watching TV and me?  

Doing another House Runner layout:

ABOVE:  I wasn't going to do another one, but well... I just wanted to!  *smiles*

I'm now taking a break from the project in hand... it's lunchtime.

ABOVE:  Yes, poor kid is peeling!  Looks really sore but she assures me it's not that bad, just itchy as f#*k.

9.40 pm:  And I've finished sewing for the day.
Now I have to stuff chickens, pack our bags, make sure I've got everything ready for tomorrow.... so not much!

Catch ya tomorrow.... Hope Santa is kind to everyone.


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I am a homebody for sure! My daughter got so badly sunburnt once that I took her to the doctors. He recommended to take an antihistamine and it worked a treat with pain and itching. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Michelle from Oz co

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Hi I we have become home bodies too...we used to go away every year mainly to the family beach house or to my sister and husband who lived down there too...especially when the children were young...but with caring for elderly parents etc and working most weekends as a nurse things have changed...I am hoping to at least travel to more places in Australia when my husband retires...we have a fairly new house with a lovely patio and garden right on a green space so really a bit like your place so it is nice to have a home holiday...we go on lots of outings but get to sleep in our own

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Claratyne tablets (antihistamine) from the supermarket will stop the itch.

  4. Only thing I can recco is cool bath with bicarb soda added lots of it dissolved in a coolish bath is sposed to be good ..

    Hope it works its an old remedy I dont have to use lol but always worth a try..

    I see nth is wet and sth is fine such a role reversal .. Enjoy the pool !!

    Cheers !!

  5. oh man that looks painful! I'm glad it's not as bad as it looks!

    I like to go places for a few days but always miss my dogs. I wish Rusty was more sociable I'd take them with me. We do take them if we go camping.

  6. I would LOVE to travel more - but the expense!!!

  7. Do you have some liquid aloevera? Spray that on, it takes out all the heat and itch, might even stop more peeling. I was going to ask Chris if you want to do a house swap??? We have had 35 deg C today, bit too hot for me!! The house runners look amazing.

  8. Just loving those house table runners.

    Merry Christmas to you and Stew and families.

  9. Merry Christmas to you all. I'm a homebody too :)


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