Sunday, June 03, 2018


Last night I had hoped to get at least 4 Tree Runners laid out, but only got two done cos I just ran out of steam.

And my back was giving me grief... it really doesn't cope with me bending over for hours at a time.

So, here's a sneek peek at the next two runners, bearing in mind they are nowhere near finished ...

 ABOVE:  So, I'm going to get two more laid out, then make a start on the stitching.
That will probably take me all day.  Can you spot the 'Kiwiana' fabrics?

I will probably take a break at some point and do some Coronation Street reading!
I only have 5 months left to read... so a month's worth today would be ideal.

That's all I have for now, so I'll catch ya later.


ABOVE:  last two done.  They are starting to look all the same to me!

Now... it's raining and miserable outside, and Stew and I are going grocery shopping.
Case of having to.  There's not a lot of food in the house.  Dammit.

Ugggh.  Grocery shopping in the pouring rain.
At least there were less people in the supermarket?
But... Sunday afternoon... and lots of empty shelves too.  We did still manage to do a full grocery shop though.  Then for the first time ever, we packed out bags inside the shop before heading back to the car.  It saved us getting sopping wet.  Winning.

Home now, it's 3.30 pm and I just had a piece of cheese for lunch!  It's too late to have a 'proper' lunch cos if I did I'd ruin my appetite for dinner.

Groceries away (running out of freezer room!)... and now time to sit back and do some more reading of Coro Street.  Hope to tick a couple more months off today.

Two months of Coro Street under my belt today!
Doing well... I will be right up to date with all that's happened by the time we jump ahead on the TV. Awesome.

Almost time to call it quits for the day (reading) and head into the sewing room for a couple of hours.


  1. I read the last couple of weeks by weekly summary rather than daily.. so it didn't take as long. I think I'm pretty much up to date...

  2. At least your outing was productive. We were heading to Pokeno to get sausages & pork and of course ice cream. Stopped at Repco to get a bulb for Gary’s car, spent about an hour trying to ascertain how to get into the light thing to get to the bloody bulbs, practically pulled the whole thing apart before working out you have to go in from underneath. Then decided to replace the air filter since we had it out anyway, but turns out, can only order from Nissan. Got so late we didn’t have time to go to Pokeno, still have no bulb & no air filter 😂 and no crumbed sausages!

    1. Not a productive day then? lol bugger about that, particularly the lack of crumbed sausages!

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM


    I love the runners you are really clever. I bet you have lost weight from doing so well with your eating? I guess you are going to surprise us all when you have your Drs appointment. I thought you looked slimmer in your walking group photo...hiding up the back so we couldn't see you LoL..


    1. Seriously, I think I have lost A BIT of weight, but not that much. Time will tell come July.

  4. I love the Xmas runners especially the green would love to see a blue? July not far away keep at it and really push the walking you are so motivated good for you.


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