Saturday, June 02, 2018


Three days with the family home.
And I now remember why I really like weekends!

Stew cooks!

Yep, he often cooks on the weekends, and I don't have to!

Who really enjoys having to cook dinner all the bloody time anyway?  Not me.

I hate to think how many meals I've had to cook for our large family over the years.  Far too many!  

So, I wonder what Stew is cooking tonight?  lol

I had a marathon of reading Coronation Street yesterday, and managed to read 4 and a half months worth!!!  Now I only have 6 months to go!  Whoop whoop!

I hope to get two months read today, then I can do some sewing.  I'm determined to make a few more tree runners for my next market, which is next weekend.

They sure seem to come around fast!

If it's fine today, Stew will probably try and get the lawns mown, he didn't get them done last weekend at all.

Oh and we really need to do the grocery shopping at some point too.  Food is getting low!  I think I'm over my aversion to bacon... so might just get some for our dinner.  Bacon and egg pie perhaps?  Bearing in mind Stewy will be cooking it! *smiles*

Right, I am going to bugger off and see what the teenagers are gunna get up to today.  


Well said teenagers have gotten outta bed, Griffin's mate has gone home, Griffin has gone to town to wander the streets with more mates.  Brylee has proved helpful by blow drying my hair, and is now back in her room doing something girly.

I've read another month's worth of Coro Street, and now I'm going to make a couple more tree runners for next weekend's market.

Stew is going to finally mow the lawns I think.  It rained overnight, so he's had to wait for the grass to dry a bit.  

All fairly boring weekend stuff going on around here.

I hope the rest of you are having a more exciting time!

Well... this afternoon has been very productive I must say!
Stew did get the lawns done, it took him a few hours as he had to go over them twice!  They were kinda long.

I spent a good 4 hours cutting out trees!  Fabric trees for table runners.
Later on tonight I will lay out about 4 table runners ready for stitching tomorrow.

I'm concentrating on doing most in greens, with just a couple of 'other colour' trees popping in here and there.  Maybe a tree with KIWIANA tones too?  Hmmm... let's wait and see.  *smiles*

Stew cooked a fantastic roast pork dinner, with veges in a cheese sauce, lotatoes for us, potatoes for the kids, onions and gravy.
I couldn't eat all he put on my plate, I think he's forgotten that my appetite has reduced markedly! 

Stopping for the day..... my back is killing me!  I have only managed to get two lay outs done tonight.   When you are tired it just doesn't seem to come together as easily.
I'm sure it will be better tomorrow.


  1. I absolutely LOVE cooking so am enjoying every minute in the kitchen. I would like to get a job cooking .... I'm probably getting too old to change careers!! I'll come and be your chef 😉

  2. Your dinner sounds delicious ... we are loving those Lotatoes at our place :)

  3. I never realized you had an aversion to bacon. Glad you're getting over it!

  4. Just found your blog - a great read. In the UK Coronation Street is known as "Corrie". That's what everyone calls it and even non-fans like me know what "Corrie* is. Looking forward to reading you from the beginning.


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