Thursday, June 21, 2018


We no longer have a landline.

Like 75% of New Zealand households, we are now totally relying on our mobile phones for communication.

I had no idea that many people no longer had landlines!  But according to SPARK, that is the case now.

Now I have to sell the brand new phones I bought a couple of weeks ago! Frustrating, if only I'd thought of cancelling our landlines before buying them!  Hopefully someone wants them.

Best thing though?  NO MORE COLD CALLS bothering me all day long.  That is worth the inconvenience of having phones to sell.  *smiles*

Last night we all ended up having takeaways!  The resistant wall fell down... it HAD been 9 weeks since we'd indulged in anything 'evil' after all!  

So, Stew and I both had half a dozen battered scallops (seafood), and a little piece of battered fish.  With Tartare sauce, which tasted really sweet!  NO CHIPS though.

I took my blood sugar level before I ate:  4.6
Then two hours later, it was: 4.6 !!!

So... clearly I didn't have enough to affect my blood sugar level!  Though I have to admit to feeling a bit ill after eating it.  Too greasy.  Made my stomach do flip flops.  And interestingly, it wasn't even THAT nice.

Probably won't be doing that again in a hurry.  Might choose more carefully next time we decided to have something for a treat. Something not full of grease.  Ikkk.

But, it was an interesting exercise in seeing how my blood sugar levels react to 'fish n NO CHIPS' ... lol.

Today ... well the only thing on my agenda is... sewing Tree Runners.  I only have two for my next market!  So...


So... I've been doing some sewing.  But my stomach started rumbling, so I've stopped for lunch. Another waffle with maple syrup.  So yum.
And now I'm bloody freezing again too.  My hands are like blocks of ice.  Going to wrap up in me blankie till I'm warm again.  Brrrrrr.

Shall put my gas heater on in the sewing room I think...

How to warm up fast?  clean the bloody oven.  Like, should have done it days ago but kept putting it off.  It's got to be one of the worst jobs in the whole house.  Seriously.  And it's still not perfect.  But it will do.

I'd rather buy a new oven than spend another minute scrubbing and scrubbing and watching only half that shit come off!

I at least got the door glass spotless!  This oven was not clean when we moved in, some of that shit has been baked on those oven walls for 7 years I reckon.  I'm DONE.

Taking time out till I move on to something else... which will be sewing again I think.

Well I did get more sewing done... and more housework.  And then I did my first ever 'Online Supermarket Shopping'!
Not even for me either.  But oh well.  Now I know how to do it.

Signing off for the night, Coronation Street is going to be on soon, and that's my cue to get off the computer.


  1. Hey Chris. I've been getting calls from Trustpower on my mobile so your days of cold calls may not be over.

  2. Yes, I get cold calls on my mobile - lots of overseas spam on my mobile too.

    We still have a landline but I don't have a mobile plan (just prepay) so for me to get rid of the landline it will cost me more to upgrade my mobile minutes. Our landline only costs $5 a month extra but I'm pretty sure we'll get rid of it before too long.

    Funnily enough, my blood sugar isn't too bad after fish and chips but dreadful after KFC coleslaw and potato. Read up about resistant starch which is when you cook potato then cool it overnight and then reheat (like most bought chips). It doesn't spike blood sugar and is in fact really good for your gut bacteria!

  3. We get so many more cold calls and spam calls on our mobiles than on our landline, but our landline number is unlisted so that may contribute to this. I decided to keep our landline for three reasons ... one being it was unaffordable for family overseas to ring our mobiles - or for us to ring them (i.e. over $3 a minute to ring my husband's family in Finland, secondly I have a few people that I enjoy a good chat with and those chats were quickly eating up my minutes each month, and thirdly, I quickly discovered not everyone had plans on their phones (eg prepay folk or those without cellphones) to ring us without them bring charged 40-50 cents a minute to ring us.

  4. Dinner sounds yummy for a treat - but remember, potato scallops are equivalent to chips, so you didn't need them. Although, chips have less grease than the batter from the scallops.

    We no longer have a landline either. Did away with it last year. Only our parents ever rang so we just didn't use it. One less bill!

    1. Seafood scallops... not potato scallops chick.

    2. Ooooooohhhhh. Didn't even thick of those! Hahaha! Not something our local fish and chip shops do! Duh! :)

  5. I think she meant scallops as in the shellfish, fish n chips give me a tummy ache if too greasy...

  6. Chris... what waffle recipe do you use? I see lots of different ones but you seem happy with your waffles so could you share? Thanks. I'm just making ditchthecarbs low carb garlic bread - hopefully it will be delicious with our bacon hock vege soup tonight.

    1. I made it up! 1 cup almond flour, 1 egg, little milk, little artificial sweetner. Mix together. Done.

    2. Haha... that's what I do! I made up some pikelets the other day and they were good. I use a mix of almond flour and coconut flour though. With coconut flour you use less for the same effect but I don't enjoy the end result of all coconut flour so usually bake with half almond and coconut flour. I just made the that garlic bread and oh my goodness it is good!! I highly recommend making it.

  7. Anonymous9:21 PM

    thank you #Ma and #Pa xx

  8. I think the telemarketers use auto-diallers 100% of the time now, so it doesn't matter what your number is, eventually the dialler will get to your sequence of phone number.

  9. We still have our landline, for the ADSL for the internet. There's a phone hooked up to it too. The ringer is off and the phone is under the bed.
    I really dislike being cold. On the bright side, today is the shortest day down there, and the days start getting longer from now on. That means it should start warming up relatively soon.

  10. I finally used the self cleaning oven feature on mine. It's amazing!


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