Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I forgot to do an 'after' photo of Coco's groom... how remiss of me!

ABOVE:  Taken last night at around 11 pm!  I ended up sitting on the concrete having a play with all three dogs before I took that photo!
Not cos I actually WANTED to be sitting on the concrete floor... but because I fell over the dog's metal fencing and landed on the concrete!

Hurt both knees and me left elbow... but I will be fine.  Temporary pain.  All good now hopefully.

I have a walk at 9.30 this morning... fingers crossed it's not rained off.  This week is turning into a very wet one. Flooding and road slips all over the place.   

Both Marley and Denim are 9 and a half months old... and neither has come into season yet!
That is VERY late.... I've been checking them both for weeks now, and I think FINALLY Denim is showing signs of coming into season.
So she will have to be locked in the garage with 'supervised' toilet visits outside soon.
Oh the joys.  No way do I want her to get with pups on her first season... same with Marley.

I still have not made up my mind if I shall be breeding with either of them yet.  It's such a lot of work once the pups are weaned, and selling them is very stressful too.  So, still deliberating on that one.

The no carb/no sugar diet is going exceedingly well ... no massive cravings now.  It's starting to really become a new 'habit'... not snacking, not reaching mindlessly for something to eat due to boredom or stress/emotions.  I'm enjoying being in control for the first time in forever!

Looking back over the past 16 days now, I've not had a blood sugar reading over 6.9, most are between 5 and 6.5!  How bloody awesome is that!  NORMAL.  OMG I can't wait for my Doctor to see my numbers on Friday.  She is going to be SO SURPRISED... well I hope she is.  Surely she will be?

Cos this means NO INSULIN INJECTIONS.  And I'm hoping I don't have to keep doing twice daily blood tests, they do my head in.  I stress about doing them EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Stress isn't good for you eh?  I could do without it thanks.

When I get home from my walk (if it happens) I am going to make a start on a couple more Autumn Tree Runners.  And do some housework... cos that shit never ends.

ABOVE:  Oh and before I forget... I was the LOSER last night at Cards, and Bridget was the Winner.  No matter who wins/loses, we still have fun.  *smiles*  I was mid-hot flush in the photo, all hot and sweaty.  Ikkkk.


ABOVE: All hot and sweaty... the walk went ahead, even though there were a few showers. Mostly light drizzle really, so we didn't get soaked to the skin.

I'm now cold though... so I have the heat pump on.  Once I've warmed up I shall be doing some sewing.

Well I've got two more Tree Runners ready for stitching, and that's about all!  Just feeling a bit blah this afternoon.
Not sure why. Just meh.

I don't know why I felt ikkkk today, just did. Maybe it's just cos I'm tired and a bit cold?  Don't feel like sewing much right now, but know I should get some more Tree Runners done, they are doing well!
Which is nice for sure.

I am going to be upping the cost of them to $60 as I am not making a cent selling them at cost.
I hope people still buy them at that price!  ***Anyone who's already expressed an interest in buying one will get it at the 'old' price of $45.***  (Michelle C, Margaret B, Kate)

Right, I'm signing off for the day, couple of TV programmes coming up I want to watch then... bedtime.


  1. it's so great you have made such wonderful diet changes and seeing the awesome results, you are very inpiring!! Christy xxxxx

  2. Great blood sugar results. After spending the weekend with my daughter who has gestational diabetes I hope I never go on insulin. She is injecting and testing 5 times a day minimum plus extra when she has a low. Night time dosage has been reduced (which means it can be done in one injection in stead of two) since she has been on metamorphin. I thought of you every time she had to check and medicate.

  3. lovely you take the time in your busy life there to blog

    Much appreciated and love your new blood numbers that you are testing

    Well done you Love the new look Coco !! she is cuteness thats for sure..

  4. Awesome numbers mate you're doctor will be pleased I'm sure hope your afternoon picked up.....


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