Sunday, June 10, 2018


Every time we pack the car to go to market, there seems to be more and more to take!
I don't know why?

OH yes I do... I have more stuff to sell!
This time my additions are Tree Runners (2) and a Christmas Runner too. 

 ABOVE:  Dante and the little girls... in the garage playing.
The kids just love the dogs.

 ABOVE:  Much loved teddy... dumped in the rush to play with the dogs.  Forlorn wee thing.

 ABOVE:  Brylee and Griffin just before they headed out to the School Ball. I spent over an hour curling Brylee's hair ... only to watch most of them fall out over the following hour!
*sigh*... at least I tried.
It wasn't in the budget to get her hair 'professionally' done at a salon, they charge like wounded bulls!

She looked gorgeous, as did Griffin.  Griffin... maybe not gorgeous,  just dashing.  *smiles*

My god, they both look so grown up!

Right, I need to go ... we have to pack the car and get me to market!
It's freezing out there too... I'm dressing in warm clothes and a woolly hat, and these: 

 ABOVE:  Bex made these for me last night!  Wrist Warmers... in FBG Purple!  How cool are they?  I love them.
She is going to make me a beanie without the top bit, so my pony tail sticks out the top.  The pattern describes it as a 'Messy Bun Ear Warmer'.  What a mouthful!


 ABOVE: OMG... it's FREEZING! 3 degrees C .... 

ABOVE:  All set up... bring on the shoppers.

Market wrap up:  Slow to start, then I made a few sales which made freezing my buns off worth it.  Next time I need even warmer clothes though!

I am now wrapped up in my electric throw at home... waiting to warm up!  My legs are like blocks of ice.

Griffin is 6 foot 3"-ish now.  Slightly taller than Stew!
Both kids had a lovely time last night.  Griffin had a sleep over at his friend's, so I haven't seen him yet today.

End of day and I'm enjoying watching the 2 hour catch up of Coronation Street, even though I've caught up after reading it all.  Still nice to watch some of the big happenings.


  1. You look great Chris, I think you have lost well over 10kg

  2. both the kids and your market stall look amazing!!!! Christy xxxx

  3. Woah Griffin and Brylee sure have grown up! They are looking great, as are you and your stall :)

  4. Oh wow the kids look so smart. Brulee is beautiful. I hope they both had a good time. Hope today is a great day for you.

  5. Lovely photos of Griffin and Brylee. I hope that they both enjoyed their prom. Your display looks very impressive - I hope that there was good support for the market today and that you are happy with the sales made.

  6. Wow the kids have grown. How tall is Griffin ? I hope the market is successful for you.

  7. Love all the pics and what a busy time you all have..

    Brylee and Griffin are so grownup now and look the part

    Gr8 team effort for you all to get to this "age wage and stage" Chris and Stew and Whanau

    Lotsa happy times ahead as well,,, as those lil ones grow up as well.

    Love the pics at the stalls etc happy you sold some..

    You look "as snug as a bug in a rug Chris" and love your KIWI hoodie

    Take care

  8. Both kids looked fantastic all dressed up for their ball. I hope they had a fun night.

    The market in cold weather I think will be a bit slow over winter, keep at it, if nothing else you get to have a catch up & natter with friends 😀

  9. Bex you are a treasure making these for MIL,,, at a moments notice .. seems you are talented TOO in the craft dept as well as being a caring wife and Mum,,,, Lovely Steve can help out with M&D as well (Dont we just love our kind rellies?)

    even if it goes both ways in a circle ,,, or to others along the line!!!!

    Well done you

  10. Gorgeous photo of Brylee and Griffin do grown, love those wrist warmers very cool.

  11. Fantastic post! Love the kids and dogs, the wrist warmers are super cool! (probably very warm too), Your booth at the market is very inviting and things there overall look great!

  12. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Brylee & Griffin look fabulous!!! Love the hand warmers especially in purple :-) :-) :-) glad the market went well even if a bit cold.

  13. Looks good! My last market was horrible. Definitely not worth sitting there all day lol


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