Saturday, June 16, 2018


Today starts with an FBG walk for me.  It's only about 3.5 kms ... so I should be ok.  Yesterday's walk was a tough one, over 5 kms and I was tired to start with.

After my walk, Stew and I will be heading over to Te Awamutu to pick up the two beds I bought the other day.

I hope they are as nice as they looked in the photo.

If not, it won't be hard to give them a lick of paint.

edit:  The damn walk got cancelled!  Grrrrrr.  I was on a roll too.

I re-organised my fabric shelving in the spare bedroom,  so we could fit two single beds in there.  I will show you where the shelving ended up... later.

This afternoon Griffin and 'girlfriend' are going to the movies in Hamilton.  Stew will be dropping them off and picking them up I think?  Not sure.  Maybe Griffin is meeting her there... I'd ask him, but he's still asleep.  

Here are my latest Autumn Tree Runners (not finished yet):

ABOVE:  I really love them...  SO PRETTY!
If you love one... they are available!  Bearing in mind they need tree trunks and being stitched down etc!  This is just the rough lay out.  *smiles*

So... I shall be working on them this afternoon I expect.   That and sorting out the new beds.  Probably need to buy some single sheets!


1.55 pm:  Well... the day is going to plan.  I had a long list of things I wanted to get done today, and slowly but surely they are getting done.

Isn't it neat when that happens.  We have picked up the beds, cleaned them (they were filthy!) and Stew is going to assemble them a bit later on today.

We are heading off to town soon to take Griffin & girlfriend to the movies.  I am going to be looking for some single sheets while in Hamilton.

When do ya reckon is the best time to go winter sheet shopping?
Well let me tell you.... right in the middle of winter!

ABOVE:  We got two full sets of Flannelette sheets (1 fitted, 1 flat and a matching pillow case) for half price.  SCORE! We priced around and the best place was Briscoes today.

Happy as Larry... am now going to stick them on the new beds.  Well... just as soon as Stew had put them together that is.  

What's for dinner tonight?

PORK BELLY WITH A SILVERBEET AND CHEESE QUICHE.  This should be interesting, as Stew hates silverbeet, but assures me he will eat it if it's not 'TOO STRONG'.  Hmmmmm.....

Well that's a turn up for the books!  Stew thought the quiche was 'OK', but I didn't like it!
so who knows, maybe Stew will eat it all?

Winding down for the evening... might finally get some sewing done tonight?  


  1. Oh my gosh I love those runners just gorgeous... go for a walk get Stewart to drop you 4km from home and walk back? I actually have a day off 😆

  2. try doing one with the darker trees to the front and lighter trees at the back

  3. I forgot to come back and add a comment to your post yesterday regarding your blood results!! Congratulations and well done on all your determination to get those stunning results! I am so pleased for you!!! High five!!

  4. Chris did she weigh you? Yesterday did I miss that part

    1. NO. I shall 'weigh in' ON July the 9th... which will mark the 3 months of being on this new 'diet'.

  5. Those sheets are so cute

  6. Busy day for you guys there but you got so much done .. Love the new sheets and the look forward to seeing the beds all done and dusted ,, so hopefully an early nite catching up on some R&R for you all...

    Sunny day for us so all good as well..

    Take care

  7. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Would love to see those trees on a black background!

    1. Interesting! Might try it and see how it would look.

  8. I like the tree runners, someone already said black background, but I was thinking dark blue, with some big start and a crescent moon with a face on it.

    1. stars, not start! I can't type a single sentence without a typo.

  9. I had to look up silverbeet, they call it chard here. Not my favorite either lol


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