Monday, June 11, 2018


Today I am thinking of re-joining Aqua Fit, run by Sport Waikato.
Over winter swimming is held in St Peter's School Pool, which is just outside Cambridge.

So, this morning I might go out and suss it out... if I can find me togs!

It's also Patchwork day, but I have pretty much decided not to go any more.  Why go, sit and do some hand sewing, and not feel comfortable or happy there?  I know I keep changing my mind about this group, but after talking about it with another girl who's a member (who feels the same as me), I have finally made up my mind.

As 'C' said to me while we were out walking on a FBG walk last week, why go somewhere where you really don't feel HAPPY, when you can go for a walk with the FBG's and really enjoy the company?  We are both done with patchwork group.

I have a FBG walk on tonight, 6.30 pm.  So,  plenty of time to get the family's dinner cooked before I head out in the freezing cold!  At least while walking I don't feel the cold, unlike yesterday when I just sat and froze at market!

OMG it really was so cold... I'm now hunting around for what I can wear next time that will actually keep me warm!  Maybe a hot water bottle or two as well!  And wool ugg boots!  My feet were so cold, even though I had on my fluffy slippers and wrapped a blanket around my legs.  Brrrr.

ABOVE: Sometime this week I will be hunting down where I can buy some REAL Ugg Boots, not cheap rip offs that aren't as good.
I had some Uggs 40 years ago as a teenager when we lived in Upper Atiamuri, they were wonderful.  Wonder what happened to them?  *sigh*... far too long ago to remember now.

But I do remember how warm they were in winter.  Winters in Upper Atiamuri/Rotorua/Tokoroa were brutal back then. 

ABOVE: Two ladies walked past my stall yesterday, spied this Tree Runner and immediately looked at each other and said "Perfect for The Shower!", and bought it on the spot! Only they plan on hanging it on the wall instead of using it as a Runner.  I was really chuffed they loved it so much. 

I now only have two Tree Runners left!  Think I need to make more somehow!  A couple of Autumn ones next, (put your name down if you want one!), and then a couple of Greens and Christmas ones too.
I am totally LOVING making them.  They rock.

Swimming starts at 8.30 this morning, so I better get a move on, and find my togs!  Get myself organised and get outta here on time.


SWIMMING... didn't happen.  I kept thinking of everything I wanted to get done today and flagged it.

UGG boots... FARK have you seen the price of them suckers?  They are over $200!  Certainly won't be getting them at that price!  They sure have risen in price since I got some aeon's ago.

ABOVE:  I went hunting in my wardrobe and found THREE 100%, pure Merino Wool, long sleeved tops that I can wear to keep me warm!
I vaguely remember buying them when we lived down in Palmerston North.  Was freaking cold down there too. 

 And a really warm hat that doubles as a scarf, and it comes down over your ears and quite low on the back of the neck, so PERFECT to keep one's head warm.

I'm winning today!

And now... I am going to vacum the entire house properly, cos Griffin does a shit job.  And then I've got a few other jobs to do around the house before I have lunch.  Which will probably end up being mid-afternoon the rate I'm going.

Well half the vacuming is done, and most of my other odd jobs too.
I had veges with a cheese sauce for lunch, with a little ham thrown in for good luck. It was lovely.

We now have persistent rain, not too heavy.  But, the FBG walk this evening is now in doubt.  The leader is going to call it in another hour or so. I fully expect it to be cancelled.
But... you never know, there might be others happy to walk in the rain?  

Well as expected, tonight's walk was cancelled.  The rain just got heavier and no one was keen to walk.  All good.  I'm tired anyway.  Been busy most of the day.

Looking forward to watching the first 'up to date' Coronation Street episode tonight.
And keeping warm.  It's so damn cold now.  I've had the heat pump on/off all day, depending on what I was doing.  

Catch you tomorrow.


  1. You did look cold in your photo at the market. Thankfully you sold something so not a wasred time. Get some merino socks as well as long sleeved vest and long johns.

  2. I just love seeing all your tree runners, I think you've hit on a winner there!! I'm not saying it isn't cold there but it seems like you just don't have the clothes for the colder temperatures. We have down jackets that roll up into a tiny pouch, weigh next to nothing and are toasty warm. We keep them in our vehicle just in case it turns cold when we are out and we didn't take a jacket. DS#2 works for an airline and has a lot of flights to Brisbane and Sydney AU. He was going to get me a pair of Ugg boots but it turns out they are cheaper to buy here in Canada!! How weird is that!!

    1. When I say 'you' don't have the clothes etc. I mean the generic you, not you specifically, if you know what I mean!!lol

    2. *smiling* ... yes I know what you mean. It doesn't get horrendously cold like in other parts of the world... but it can still be freezing when you are just sitting still on a frosty morning.

  3. You'll Have to do Jumping Jacks behind your stall! :-)

    1. Ahhh funny girl! I don't jump ... or run!

  4. Get some thermal socks from the Warehouse - reasonably priced and very warm. That's what I wear when we go to Queenstown and they are good with boots! Great for around the house too on a cold day but not very sexy looking ;)

  5. Hi Chris - I just watched this great BBC documentary about carbs, diabetes etc - it might be interesting for both you and Stew to watch. Very interesting and informative.

  6. Get those Uggs, they will last you YEARS! :D

  7. hey Chris I get my boots for K mart for $10 not ugg brand but warm and at that price I just biff them at end of season (cause they get wiffy) I bought last year from Warehouse but very narrow in ankle and hard to get on

    1. Thanks for that Felicity, I will look tomorrow.

  8. Hi Chris. There is a place in Christchurch which is good for ugg boots ... - Maybe you could mail order them :)

  9. I don’t know if it’s somerhing you would consider investing in but we out a Kent style fire place in to our last house ( that only had one heat pump for a 285 sq metre house) and thankfully our new house already had one when we bought it and the house is never cold when the fire is on. In fact I sometimes had to open the front door to let abit of heat out when we have turned it down soon enough and everyone is swealtering. I love a Kent fire, safe due to being contained and makes the house SOooo toasty warm.


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