Thursday, June 14, 2018


Last night I had a small quantity of spaghetti on ONE piece of burgen bread.  And my blood sugar reading 2 hours after that was 8.2.

Which is .2 over 'normal'.  I felt really bummed out.  After being within normal parameters for 9 weeks, I finally went over.

So, NO MORE SPAGHETTI ON TOAST!  I should have known better eh?  Clearly I cannot cope with carbs, even in small quantities.

Makes life a bit limiting if I want to stay in the normal range.  But, it will be worth it in the long term... and I'm certainly now looking at the long term as opposed to HERE AND NOW.

This morning I plan on putting together two 'Autumn Tree Runners'.  Then stitch them up.
That should keep me busy for most of the day.
So it will probably be quiet most of the day from me... 

OH!  Some good news late last night.  I got an email from the organisers of the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market, I have been given a PERMANENT Stall Site!  It is the one I have been using for the past few months, and I am thrilled to bits.  It's a really good site.  Under cover, and I don't have anyone on one side of me, so my set up has two full sides people can browse from.  

ABOVE:  As you can see, I have two frontages, as there is an entrance into the shop behind me to my side... so I get a double long 'frontage' to display my wares.  It is so much better than being crammed in between two other stalls.

And Susan is right beside me.  She's another FBG walker, and Card Night friend, and she has an eftpos machine... which I can do transactions on too, she's a lovely friend.  We watch each other's stall when one of us has to go potty  *lol*

So after feeling a bit blah yesterday, I went to bed happy.  And I'm not feeling blah today at all.  Long may it last.


Isn't it neat when you wake up full of 'get up and go'!
I have spent the past 3 hours tidying up the sewing room, moving a big shelving unit in there to help keep it more organised.  And funnily enough it doesn't make it more cramped!
Far from it, now it's so much tidier.

Then I moved on to the garage, thinking... what can I do in here?
Well... I've got a few ideas, and one of them is to get rid of the little pool table we picked up dead cheap a little while ago.

It was a two second wonder.  NO ONE uses it ... so it's going on Cambridge Buy, Sell and Exchange.  Someone can take it away for free as far as I'm concerned.

I also want to make a more solid dog pen in there, I'm NEVER going to arse over the dog 'fencing' again!  It hurts. And well... embarrassing ending up on the floor in a heap!

I've worked out we only need to get one panel of wood ... cos we have the rest already.  Stew, I will explain when ya get home.  *smiles*


COLD CALLS... OMG I am so over them!  It really makes me want to cancel our home phone.
EVERY DAY, without fail, I get at least 2, if not more, cold calls.
Power companies. Phone companies. Fibre companies. Surveys. Heat Pumps. Guttering clearing. Tree Felling. Computer Repairs.   And the list could go on and on.

Yesterday I got rude and hung up on some guy. So he decided to ring me back... every 5-10 minutes for hours.  At least he hasn't today!

But why does everyone LIE and say they are NOT trying to sell you something? Or make you switch banks/power company/phone company ?????

It is really doing my damn head in today.  Cos you have to listen to their spiel... all the while asking them what they are trying to sell me...and they lie, and lie.   Grrrrr.

Lucky they are on the phone and not in my face, cos seriously, I'd slap them one.  

On a happier note, I've got a yummy meat loaf in the oven, and my house its nice and tidy.  
And I'm off for a FBG walk this evening, and it's NOT raining!  Wonders will never cease.

7.40 pm:  Just got home from a FBG walk.  Perfect evening for a walk, crisp, cool and no rain.
It was the first walk that included a nasty, steep hill... My legs and butt did not burn this time, but my breathing was still laboured.  I had to stop twice on the way up, which was OK. 

Home now, cooling down and relaxing in front of the TV, it's the first night of Master Chef Australia.  Stew and I really enjoy this programme.  Looking forward to the series.


  1. Congrats on yourvpermanent stall. Hope it goes well. Tinned spaghetti unfortunately has a high sugar content so it may be that rather than the carbs that was the issue.

  2. I am exactly the same with blood sugar readings - only I'm not on any medication so use diet alone to keep levels normal. It makes me laugh when I get a test and they say I'm in the normal range - that is ONLY because I keep it there with diet. I know for a fact that if I ate more carbs I would be a full blown diabetic. KFC the other week made me spike to 12!! That would have been the coleslaw and potato so that's certainly off the list of options for me now. Thankfully I can live quite happily (most of the time) on my low carb foods.

  3. Congrats on the permanent booth at the market! Try not to beat yourself up about the .2 over. You're on a learning curve!
    I like the picture of the bird. It looks really loud though.

  4. Maria4:44 PM

    Get rid of the house phone. Everyone has cellphones now. Ends up being cheaper and no annoying phone calls!

  5. You can opt out of marketing calls. I don't get any at all. Go to:

    And in reply to Maria above... I get loads of calls on my cellphone!! They have figured out that people have them now instead of landlines. Recently my mobile went about four times a day with scams from overseas.. thankfully that has stopped!

  6. That guy from yesterday needs to be reported to whatever company he was trying to sell for. It is illegal to harass someone by phone and that is what he was doing. When we get them, I just interrupt them & say I am not interested Thank You and hang up. I get annoyed when they just launch into a long spiel so I have to actually interrupt then.

    Siobhan let one waffle on for ages once when she was about 8 then announced told him he was talking to a kid so had just wasted his time & hung up.

    The blood sugar readings are all about learning, that is why you have to do them twice a day so you get a good idea of what your body likes to process & what it doesn't. BTW, I am still unreasonably pissed off about the whole sugar in the KFC coleslaw, I have ranted to several people about how stupid & misleading that is!!

    You are doing an awesome job with your change in nutritional intake (see how I didn't use the word diet) :-)

  7. Maria5:35 PM

    what does drinking diet coke do to your levels? Or have you given up diet coke? Interested as it has no sugar, but wondering if the sweeteners do anything to your levels.

    1. I have not stopped drinking Diet Coke, and my sugar levels are perfect now. So, I doubt not drinking any would make any difference to my blood sugar levels, but it WOULD make a difference to my MOOD! I would be a SUPER CRABBY BITCH! lol

  8. I used to tell telemarketers that our number was unlisted (it was ) and they would hang up..
    Great news about the permanent market site..

  9. Loving this season of Masterchef. I'll be interested to see what you think. Without giving anything away I am really happy that they are focussing on the ingredients more and less on the fancy pants gadgets of recent years. Apart from a couple of challenges (hehehehe)

  10. You are doing so well. Great news regarding stall, can't wait to see the autumn leaf runners.

  11. In Canada you can register your phone on a "do not call list" for telemarketers. It has cut down on the number of calls we received but has not eliminated them. We have Caller ID now, so if the number ringing in is not one I recognise I simply do not answer and let it go to voice mail 99% of the time it is telemarketer.

    Keep up the good work with your blood sugar, there are bound to be a few ups and downs. Enjoy your walks.

  12. We are also on the 'Do Not Call List' but it doesn't block therm all. As soon as I say we are on the list they are full of apologies and I hang up. We also have a 'Block Call' feature on our phone. If a call gets past the DNC then we just block it on the phone. Great feature!!

  13. I had a cold call on my mobile today at Work!!! I was really peeved. I simply told them I wasn't interested as o am happy with my power company.

  14. I got rid of my land line and just have my cell phone. I usually don't bother answering it if I don't know who it is.


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