Saturday, June 09, 2018


 ABOVE:  Rather lucky I've spent a few years building a 'stash' eh? 
Cos I want to make an Autumn Tree runner, and I did a lay out of it last night:

ABOVE:  What do you think of it?  Yes?  Or No?
I think I need to switch the two on the very right ... that's the beauty of taking photos.  You can sit back,  look at it and see the mistakes.

We hope you have an awesome day.

We are expecting Bex and the kids this morning, and Steve later on this afternoon, once he's finished working.

Tonight Brylee and Griffin are going to their school Ball, which is being held out at Lake Karapiro.
We hope they have a neat time.
Brylee is going with a girl friend, they will be doing 'the hair and makeup' here this afternoon.  THAT should be fun!  lol

Griffin is going with a friend of his too... and meeting up with 'the girlfriend' at the ball.  

Stew is the 'TAXI' tonight.  

And that is all for now...


ABOVE:  And look at that! Sorted out the mistake on the right side, and added the tree trunks.  Now I have to stitch it all down.

Sure looks better with tree trunks, lol.

As it was another stunning day, I decided to go on another FBG walk first thing this morning.

ABOVE:  12 of us walking, and quite a few dogs!
It was another 5 km walk, done in 1 hour. That included a few 'pit stops' for dogs and the photo.

When I got home I started stitching the Autumn Tree Runner.  It's coming along nicely.
I might even have it finished in time for the market tomorrow, unless someone wants to buy it before hand?

I've just had vege soup for lunch, really nice with some of my Seed Bread:

ABOVE: Except for the bloody cooked carrot!  Revolting shit that stuff.

Now... back to the sewing room.  Bex and kids are due shortly, so I want to get as much done as I can before they arrive.

We have had a lovely afternoon/evening with the kids/family.
I got the Autumn Tree Runner finished... MichelleC it's all yours.  Get in touch.

I'm super tired tonight, so won't be staying up to see the kids when they get home.
I took a couple of photos of Brylee and Griffin, will post them tomorrow before I head off to market.


  1. I love it!!! I think I might want one but now I can't decide to get Autumn or Christmas!!

  2. those autumn colours are stunning!! I'm still deliberating on my fabric choices!! Christy xxxxx

  3. Love the autumn colors.

  4. I hope we get to see photos of the kids all dressed up for the ball:-)

  5. I love the autumn trees! I'm quite keen to have you make a runner for the top of my piano, but will get in touch when I have measurements sorted :)

  6. Can I buy the runner please Chris ?

    1. But of course you can! Send me an email with your details, Address etc.

    2. Will do tomorrow.

  7. You could always mush up the carrots and add them - I often blitz half of my vege soup and leave the rest chunky.

    I'd love to see photos of the kids ready for the ball !!!

  8. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Good job on the walk. I laughed at your carrots - my MIL doesn't like them either. We're always threatening to feed her carrots & carrots only for dinner :-) :-) :-)

  9. LOL on the carrots


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