Thursday, June 28, 2018


I made a very big decision yesterday afternoon.

I booked Denim into the Vets to be neutered.
That will happen next week.

Three reasons. 

1.  She's partly deaf, and it would be irresponsible to breed with a dog that has an obvious physical defect that COULD be passed on to puppies.

2.  She has a crazy personality!  Seriously, I reckon she's got a screw loose half the time!

3.  IF I decide to breed, I don't think I could manage two breeding dogs.

I say IF, because right now I'm still undecided about breeding with Marley or not.

Some days I think yep, I will.  Then on a 'down' type of day,  I think no way do I want to put myself through all that stress again!

So for now, Denim is getting fixed.

Talking of Denim, the poor girl has a sore tail.  I noticed yesterday she was licking and nibbling it, and then whimpering, so I looked at it and it's looking sore.
I don't know what's she done to it?  But clearly she has to stop worrying it, so ...

 ABOVE:  I went straight down to the Vet's and bought her an Elizabethan collar.  She HATES it of course.
She crawled on top of Griffin and was all stressed, panting and trying to lie down on him.
I'm pretty sure she wanted him to 'save' her! lol

ABOVE:  Poor girl... she skulked around the house all evening, scared to say boo to a goose!  Stew had to hand feed her dinner too, as the collar made it difficult for her to eat.

Hopefully her tail will heal quickly so she can get that nasty collar off, and get back to being the crazy, ghost chasing nutter she is!

Now... today.  I'm going to finish off that new Tree Table Runner.  Sort out dinner.  Look at more cars online.  Do some housework.  Wash me hair.  Watch Home and Away while having lunch. Go for another FBG walk tonight.  



Well... Denim is really bothering me now.
Of course, she's all quiet and unhappy having the cone on her head.  But, there's something else worrying me now.

Her nipple are enlarged and hard.  WTF?  That's a sign of pregnancy!!!
Or 'False pregnancy'.

I'm hoping it's a FALSE pregnancy, cos if it's not, we are in for 'Shih Tzu Surprise'.  Gawd I hope not!

How can she be pregnant?  She hasn't had a season!  Well I thought she MIGHT have started a while ago, but there just wasn't enough discharge or swelling to be a definite season.  Shit, what if I was wrong and she was in season, and some damn boy got to her?

It's all up in the air till she goes to the vet next week I suppose.  *SIGH*

The day is dragging... and it's not even 11 am yet.  I might have an early lunch then get on with my sewing.  

AND... just like that things can change, and I ended up going into Hamilton for another car related trip.  I took another car for a test drive, and finally, we think we have all our ducks in a row.
All going to plan (and it should be fine), we will be picking up new cars either this SATURDAY, or next Friday.  We are both rather excited!

I am going to give you a sneek peek:

ABOVE: It was a tough choice between two little cars.  I hope I made the right choice!

 ABOVE:  And this one is for Stewy.  He loves it, and he hasn't even laid his EYEBALLS ON IT yet!  But come Saturday he will be taking it for a drive.  


7.35 pm:  Just got home from an FBG walk... started in the pitch blackness, ended in THICK fog!  I wore long tights, a thin, long sleeved hoodie and a very warm hat with scarf incorporated.  I did get a bit warm, but it was better than getting home chilled to the bone!

Apart from a couple of the very early walks which I missed, I'm not right up to date with the Urban Challenge for this year.

Now it's time to forget all the car stuff and wheeling and dealing, and watch Master Chef!


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Hi sounds like Denim needs a check at the vet, maybe she has an infection in her tail ? they look so cute those little doggies. Maybe both the pups have genetic issues. i was going to get some pedigree kittens a while back and there was an issue with one of them the vet recommended not getting any from that litter due to the possibility of genetic problems. Instead I now have two very naughty Burmese kittens but very


  2. Oooh, how exciting. I miss having a little car. We only have one as as my partner is quite tall, and with the kids, we were finding a small car a bit too small, so currently have a sedan (Mondeo). I find it way too big and miss our little hatchback!

  3. Gr8 stuff re the cars . Its always neat to have new sets of wheels in the garage. and get used to new bells and whistles.that each different model has... Change Keeps us on our toes..!!

    Hope all goes well with wee Denim will be good when its over and done with next week and she and you guys can get some more fun days together tho it looks like she is still gr8 mates with Griffin and probably all you others as well..

    Will keep a peek out,, to see when the new cars roll in to their new home>>>

  4. Lol, I bet you bought the blue one 😏

  5. Hope Denim is ok. Wise decision not to breed from her with her issues. How exciting getting new sets of wheels.

  6. Hope all goes well with Denim. Good luck with your car purchase.

  7. I was thinking the blue one aswell😊


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