Friday, June 01, 2018


It's not like I 'go out' to work ... so I don't know why I like Fridays! 
Maybe it's cos Stew is home for a couple of days... and the kids too.

This weekend is a long weekend, Queen's Birthday.  So they are home for three days.  Nice.

We don't have any plans.  Just hang at home as per usual I suppose.  Bit hard to go away when you have three dogs!

Today I am not sewing... well I might if I get bored, but for now my plan is to keep reading ahead with Coronation Street.  I've got 10 months worth left to read... in ten days!  That's a month a day.  I think I can do it!  As long as nothing else gets done.  Derrr.
It takes me about 4 hours of solid reading to get through a month's episodes!

KFC last night was lovely, and I'm happy to say it didn't spike my blood sugar level at all!  I even had some of the KFC coleslaw, which tasted super sweet!  A coleslaw that's sweet?  How weird is that?

OK... time to get up and put a load of washing on, do some tidying up then settle down to read.


So, my morning has so far not gone to plan.

SPARK:  I rang them 3 days ago because our home landline was super crackly, has been for months and months.  They said they would send someone out today to look at the lines.

Only, strangely enough, as soon as I'd spoken to SPARK, my line cleared up!  A-mazing!


So, I sent an email to cancel the technician, as the line was no longer crackling right?  RIGHT.  Even got an email confirmation of said cancellation.

9 am.  A spark technician rocks up and starts checking the line!  WTF?  As he was already here, he did the check and said he could find no fault with the line.  He said if there was a problem STILL, it must be our phones.

I go inside and guess what?  My landline is all crackly again!

So  I go downtown (local) and buy a new phone.

ABOVE:  We have had our old phones for at least 20 years, so probably time to update anyway!

I get the new phone(s) home, plug them in and...... CRACKLING.   FUCK FUCKITY FUCK!

I give up.  On to something else.

7 weeks ago I was referred to the Weight Management Programme run by the Hospital and Diabetes Clinic.  I went to the Introductory Meeting, and am told I will be contacted with my next appointment soon.  

TWO WEEKS LATER... and I get this:

ABOVE:  Now I don't know about you, but when you actually want/need help NOW, an appointment that is 4 months from now, and actually 6 months from the original application is a bit much!
I am going to cancel it. 

I will sort it out myself thanks.


ABOVE: Today we are having a delicious Beef and Bacon stew, accompanied by some yummy breads... which Stew and I WILL NOT be eating any of!  We shall have our Seed Loaf instead.

And NOW... I am going to finally get around to reading some Coronation Street!

And... I got quite a bit of reading done today after all that!  I'm now 'only' 7.5 months behind!

At 5.15 pm I went on another FBG walk,  making it my 3rd this week.  Feel pretty good about that.  I even picked up the pace tonight, and felt like I could keep walking further when we had actually finished the walk.

Brylee is doing her last school drama production tonight, bet she's happy about that.

Griffin has a mate coming over to hang out tonight, and have a sleep over.  Which means boys up till the wee hours no doubt.

Signing off the the day now.... probably get another month's worth of reading done before I go to bed.


  1. When you stop eating sugar your taste buds change and you notice how sweet foods are. There are so many foods I loved that I now find sickly sweet! When I bake now I use way less sweetener that stated. KFC is one of our go to meals for a takeaway - sure not the best but hey, you can't cook all the time. Another favourite of ours is a bunless Wendy's burger. They wrap everything in a large lettuce leaf and it's actually delicious! I think a few places do this now, not just Wendys. Something to remember if you fancy a burger - even restaurants and cafes will do this now.

    Good luck with the Coro catch up!!

    1. Here's the Wendy burger - Yum...

    2. We sometimes do burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves as well. They are really yummy & much lighter that buns.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    KFC coleslaw has icing sugar in it fyi

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hi yes KFC coleslaw has sugar in it...I quite like


    1. I LOVE IT!!!!! But maybe I shall only have it nowdays as a treat. *sniff*

  4. WTF - KFC coleslaw has SUGAR in it?? WHY.

    Crackly telephone lines from memory often means water is getting into the lines somewhere, hence why it is intermittent and hard for the techs to find. Their go to is to blame your phones.

    1. Hi Tracy! I wanted to reach you on Chris's blog to say thank you for commenting on mine 😀 I'm having a great time in Byron with a big group of friends xxx Christy

  5. I looked up the nutritional information for KFC food and would you believe that a pot of potato and gravy has less carbs/sugar than the coleslaw? I love the coleslaw but it skyrockets my blood sugar so now I know why (4 teaspoons of sugar per tiny pot)!! Seriously KFC - just make it sugar free!!

  6. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Where abouts are you reading up on the old Coronation Episodes? I'm keen to catch up too!


  7. The crackly phone line would be frustrating - hopefully you manage to get that sorted soon. As for the appointment re diabetes diet, I wouldn't be too quick to cancel it - cancel it nearer the time if you don't need it, because in the meantime you may have some questions for them that the appointment might prove helpful for. It sounds like you are doing really well though with your food intake/sugar levels - but they may still be able to assist with other options so you don't get bored with the current stuff.

  8. Oooh your appointment is on my birthday :) Yes, the health system moves just as slowly here in Oz. I'm glad we have private insurance for things like that. My family wait for month and months for the simplest appointments.

    Sort out what you can for yourself but keep the appointment. There will be things they can help with and set you on the right track. Also give you peace of mind that you're handling things properly in the mean time. Don't let it go, they'll be very difficult to rebook!


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