Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Well... I don't have much on today at all.
Staying in bed and keeping warm sounds like a good idea for the morning!
It is utterly freezing today!

I have NOT stepped out of bed yet to look out the window, but we are supposed to have a massive frost.  Maybe I will grab the camera and take a photo if it's a goodie?

Brrrrrr... have to get up to pee so suppose I will have a look-see.

The poor kids having to get themselves to school in the freezing cold!  I actually feel sorry for them.  I can still remember having to trudge down the road in white out conditions to catch the school bus ... then having to sit on a freezing, old, rickety, drafty bus for 45 minutes to get to school.  And some days it almost snowed, it got that bloody cold in Upper Atiamuri. 

Around here is not much better in the depths of winter.

But, I'm not going to complain too much, cos I prefer this to stinking hot summer any day!

I must keep telling myself that when I'm standing on cold tiles in the bathroom!  And just so ya know, I'm too stingy to turn on the under floor heating!  I don't see the point in warming up the bathroom floor when one is only in there for a short time each day!

So, if I ever get outta bed, I might just get on with my sewing.  I've not done any for a couple of days!  Car shopping has taken precedence over other stuff for the past few days now.

Hopefully we will have that sorted out in the next week... and be happy with our choices.

ABOVE:  Me and Sue T with our trophy's last night.  I had to show ya, cos I hardly ever get the WINNERS trophy!  I had the Loser's trophy for the past week, so it was nice to switch it for the other one.  *smiles*

Sue T has become such a lovely friend ... I just LOVE my Cambridge friends.    I call Sue T my Tart.  She calls me 'Babe'.  lol
Last night we were all calling each other Tart, Babe and Trollops.  Such fun.  

Tonight I have ANOTHER FBG walk scheduled... let's hope it's THIRD TIME LUCKY, and it doesn't get cancelled!

Righty ho... I better go pee... and check out that frost.


*meh* ... the frost wasn't photo worthy.  Not that heavy at all.  AND most of my succulents are still alive!  I think there's only one that has gone black and died.  Pretty amazing really.

Once I've warmed up a bit I shall be doing some sewing.  I've decided to make a couple of smaller Tree Table Runners.  Not everyone wants a big one I'm sure.

ABOVE:  Once that last bit of frost goes, it's going to be a gorgeous day!  

ABOVE:  Cute dogs enjoying the warmth in here.

 ABOVE:  Spot Denim?

 ABOVE:  She's found a quiet, warm spot away from Coco and Marley.

ABOVE: This is the latest lay out.  It may look the same size as the others, but it's a bit smaller I assure you.  Almost all Christmas fabrics too.

Well FINALLY... I got a walk with the FBG's!  No rain today.  Just freezing cold frost followed by a fine, frigid day!  It was utterly freezing on the walk, but I kept warm walking, even in my t-shirt and shorts!

But now?  Bloody freezing.  Wrapped up in me blankie watching Doctor Doctor on the telly.

And I doubt I'll be moving any time soon.

So, signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Even in the tropics, I find the tiles too cold for feet when I get out of bed. I wear flip-flops to alleviate that.
    Have a great day!

  2. Living in Chicago, your winters sound downright balmy!

    1. It depends what you are used to as to how 'cold' you deem it. I'm sure I would HATE being in Chicago in winter!

  3. Love the comments as to cold from different places around the globe lol Its all in the way we ""Get It"" really.
    Being bought up with snow on the hills in winter and what we thought were HOT summers as younger ones ,

    QUITE a few years down the track lol and we saw people rugged yesterday,, for snow weather lol and it was 19 deg and sunny and its just gone the shortest day,,,

    but once we get over the hill 50 lol we notice it more, and want and need to feel a tad wee bit more comfy .

    So In NZ and other places where it does get cold we all think of you and dont join the ones who say its COLD lol

    We always say isnt the sun lovely today ???

    Have to take the good with the bad ,,,as Denim does,,,, and find a warmy spot when its cold ..

    Always, we keep in mind we can warm up when its cold,, but the days of over 30+ its so hard to cool down unless in a pool!!

  4. Anonymous6:38 PM

    LOOK AT YOUR SKINNY FACE IN THAT PIC! You are looking amazing! Cranky x


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