Monday, June 04, 2018


Well rather annoyingly, the site where I was reading Coronation Street's episodes stopped at the end of February, so I had to find another site to keep reading.
It's not as good, or as comprehensive in it's coverage.  But it's quicker to read!

I only have one month left to read and I'm all up to date, THANKS to me staying up till 2 am last night reading!  HEY, it got VERY INTERESTING!

So, I might just start the day reading that last month's worth of Coro Street, then I shall be sewing trees.


As it's Queen's Birthday holiday today, Stew and the kids are home.

I think we might just go into Hamilton for a nice lunch?  Let's see what Stewy thinks of that idea.
It beats being home all day, and gets the kids out too.

AND I need to pop into Spotlight for some backing fabric for the tree runners and green thread. Man I'm going through a lot of green thread!  Funny that.


So we are in Hamilton. I've bought what I needed from Spotlight. We've had lunch and are now killing time till Griffin and his friend get out of the movies.

And we run into...

ABOVE: Joyce's parents...Joyce is Mike's partner.  Hard to miss them... Joyce looks so much like her Mum! 
Was lovely to run into them.

Now we are having a hot chocolate while still waiting for the teenagers.

4.15 pm:  And finally home from town.  OMG what a miserable day out there!  Raining non stop just about, and cold as.

Glad to be home, turning the heater on.

Did I tell you I got a really good buy at the Outlet shop at The Base?  Well ... I did!
I got two new bras for only $40!  Normal price for the 2 would have been $120. So I'm freakin' happy.  Every item in the shop was down to $20!  So if ya need some underwear, go to the Bendon Outlet shop at The Base!

ABOVE: The fabric I got today.  That top fabric on the right looks like puce, but in reality it's Olive.  The browns are for tree trunks.  I'm so glad I saw them, I don't have much brown.  That lot should last me forever!  (for tree trunks).  *smiles*

I spent some time getting one of the tree runners up to the point of hand stitching down the binding.  So a good afternoon.

Stew cooked a lovely dinner... though I don't know what it was!  I didn't have any after we had such a good lunch.
Lunch for me and Stew was a carb-less kebab, we love them.

Time to sign off for the day... I'm not staying up late tonight.  2 am is just a bit late!


  1. If there were any episodes you wanted to watch go to this website and search for Coronation Street and the episode date. This is where I've been watching - the Phelan episode where he shot Andy and Vinny is amazing.

  2. Penny3:39 PM

    I was trying to work out why she looked so familiar :-) Haven't even met Joyce, but know her face from your blog.

  3. Totally miserable day with the rain. Managed a well timed jog this evening getting home just as it pored down! Great shopping bargins. Love the browns and greens. Hope yu remembered the cotton!

  4. I find our spotlight in te rapa is so messy.. took me 20 mins to find the fabric I wanted I had to ask the counted attendant as it was put away wrong..

  5. Your weight loss is so obvious - especially in your face. GO YOU!!!!

  6. Yes you are looking very trim!! Joyce is her mother’s daughter that’s for sure lovely smiles too. I hope you get reward points at spotlight lol

    1. Hardly TRIM! But I think there has been a little loss.

  7. Your weight loss is really showing now, you look fantastic


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