Monday, June 18, 2018


Today I am going to do the grocery shopping first and foremost.
No putting it off... we need fresh food!  

I saw an advert on TV yesterday for some new Toffee Pop biscuits... right there and then I felt like I could happily eat an entire packet.  So, I better avoid the biscuit aisle!  Cravings are REAL people.

When I get home the next big job will be cleaning the oven.
There must be spilt oil in there (probably from the pork belly the other day), cos now when I use it the house fills with smoke!  Not nice at all.  So that's a job desperately necessary.

Now, a couple of photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Stew did a damn good job of building the new dog pen.  I'm so proud of him.

ABOVE: Coco is NOT impressed though.  She can't get out at all.  She tried, let me assure you, she checked out every possibility before giving up.  Now I know I can open the garage door and she can't run out and off down the road! Such a relief.

Stew put a proper latch on the gate last night too, so it's not tied up with a cable now.  *smiles*

Well... that's about all I have for now... so I'll catch ya later.


12.14 pm:  Well the grocery shopping is done... and all put away too!
Not too bad a job today, we didn't need that much really.

I'd seen an advert on the telly recently for this:

ABOVE:  I wanted to try it, maybe it would curb the sugar/dessert craving?
So I got both flavours, and made an almond flour waffle for my lunch.

ABOVE:  Verdict?  OMG the Maple syrup one was amazing.  The Blueberry Maple one was insipid.
I did not have any cream with my waffle, it didn't need it.
I am now very happy and full!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Cooking dinner last night 'old fashioned style'.  It was a novelty having all the pots out!  4 more nights before we get our new microwave, I can do it!  lol

NOT that I do all my cooking in the microwave of course, but it certainly gets used every night to steam the veges, or warm up something.

IN fact, I could do with two microwaves!  But not right now... it's not in the budget to get another one.

Now that lunch is done, it's on to the next job.  And DAMMIT!  I forgot to get oven cleaner!  Maybe I have some in the laundry? ... off to look.

I didn't clean the oven.  I found some oven cleaner, but just didn't feel like doing it!  Possibly will tomorrow.  It's such a shit job. *sigh*

It was a quiet afternoon... just pottered around the house doing a few little odd jobs.  

I made Chicken Tika Masala for the family's dinner.  I had coleslaw and a boiled egg. 

It's really cooling down now, so I either wrap up in a blanket or do something to keep warm.
The blanket sounds inviting.  lol

End of the day now... so catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good to see the invincible dog pen is finally a reality! My first time leaving the first comment too!?!

  2. hey that looks neat Chris and Stew. well done guys I can see that wee coco there trying to find an escape route.. Good for you ones she will be safe along with the others

    Enjoy your day


  3. Great job with the pen not tripping over that one Chris

  4. Yum, those waffles look fantastic!! It's so good that you are experimenting with more recipes. I saw my sister recently and she took the opposite route to you with her diabetes (never changed her eating and went full insulin) - she is so unwell and getting more sick by the year. Her diabetes is totally out of control sadly and she really seems not to care. I'm so glad you are doing what you are doing.

  5. We hardly use our microwave, when it died a few years ago I was all for not replacing it but was outvoted - by everyone in the bloody house even though I am the one that does 90% of the cooking!!

    For oven cleaner, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom then spray water until it is a paste, you can use that to scrub the whole oven. Works pretty well & no yucky chemicals.

  6. Know how you will miss the microwave Chris .. We do over (90% of cooking in ours,,) Not so much cleaning up,, and often Temuka cookware to table,,,,with veges steamed as well in micro,,

    the rest in slow cooker in winter,, maybe once a week,,silverside and veges or big vege soups,,

    or big BBQ cookups in summer especially ..Fresh Fish in tin foil with kiwifruit and onions , sausages, steaks, chops, bacon and eggs etc with lots of vege salads,,, and fruit salads whatever is in season.

    Love all the latest trees etc,,, you sure have a crafty flair ,,,and thanks ,that you share,,, so much of it for us to enjoy !!!


  7. We went without a microwave for awhile but everyone kept bitching about it so I finally bought another one. I was enjoying the extra bit of space not having one freed up lol


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