Tuesday, June 05, 2018


ABOVE:  With plenty of time to spare, I've managed to catch up with every episode of Coronation Street before TVNZ jumps us ahead by 18 months!

I'm really chuffed.  And still trying to wrap my head around all the new characters, and the old ones that bugger off or die!

It's been a massive effort to read 18 months of Coronation Street in just a few weeks, but it's going to be so worth it when the new episodes come on, cos I will know what the hell is going on!

NOW, back to more mundane things.
I need to get at least two or three runners finished by Saturdy, as my next market is on Sunday.
Knowing my luck though, I won't sell any on the day!  But, at least I will have some for people to see.

It's also my big 'cleaning/tidying' day around here.  I usually do it on a Monday, but obviously, yesterday everyone was at home so I couldn't do it then.  So I shall be busy most of the day today.

But I will pop back now and then... as I do.  *smiles*


Well I said I'd be busy and I wasn't wrong.
Looks like I wasn't missed though... bloody quiet bunch around here.  
so, I've done a shit load of housework, tidied up various areas, done some more sewing and watched a little telly while sitting having me lunch.

All totally normal shit.  Boring too by the look of of.  I'm feeling rather blah now.

I've got Teriyaki Chicken marinating for dinner... probably serve it with rice for the kids and nothing under for Stew and I. Stew's not too fussed on cooked cabbage instead of rice! Can't blame him really.

I can't be arsed making 'cauliflower rice' either... that's just as fake as cabbage!

Debating whether to go on a walk tonight?  I probably won't as I'm rather tired now.

I'm going for a FBG walk to get out of the doldrums.   Heading out very soon.

And now... back from my walk.  It was a shorter walk tonight, only 4.6 kms, but I'm bloody tired after it.
I felt like giving up half way through it too... just had no energy at all.

But I'm not a quitter, so I kept going and finished it.

Home now and I am going to do bugger all for the rest of the evening.


  1. Some stir fried vege (frozen mix) would be great with the chicken. I'm not a fan of cabbage but do enjoy cauliflower rice. I bake mine in the oven (stir a few times) and add some onion or peas etc depending on how I'm feeling. It's actually quite simple and very tasty baked because it goes kind of a nutty flavour and not like cauliflower at all!

    It's good you are all caught up - I'm looking forward to the 2 hour catch up on Sunday night though. It will be interesting how they do it.

  2. If you are feeling blah then a walk might be just the ticket.

    1. I did it. Now just feel TIRED!

  3. I would prefer Cauliflower rice to cabbage.

    I don't have the show coronation street where I live, but I would be so bummed if I had to miss out on a year and a half of episodes. So - I am glad you are all caught up, and looking forward to the new shows.

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Teriyaki chicken is nice with broccoli and carrot. I'm sure you could have a small amount of brown rice too. It's not about completely eliminating entire food groups as you need to make sure it's sustainable! Liz

  5. Have you tried zoodles? Zucchini 'noodles' - I stir fry them quickly with some garlic and olive oil and they're nice with most types of sauces

    1. No we haven't, but certainly will!

    2. I just use an ordinary julienne slicer (not too expensive) for courgette and also do an equal amount of carrot - looks really pretty with the two colours. Great alternative for sure!!

  6. Im not a coro watcher but think it would be hard to make sence of it if they skipped ahead 18mths so I can understand your reading your catchup xx

  7. Been away on a 10 day, musical chairs, houses, motel stint lol and now happy to be home and able to catch up on blog and L.I.G.

    Seems you are on the up and up with the diabetic eating plan etc the pic of you with Jaquies?? family at the shops ??
    you look gr8 ..

    am sure next month the numbers will be DOWN,,, and the clinic so happy with your hard work and blood results

    Well done you and Stew !!!

  8. Yes I’m a huge fan of cauliflower rice I put onion garlic and sometimes bacon with mine. I equally live zoodles. God for you walking we have bitter cold night yeah no walking here!

  9. Anonymous12:20 AM

    I just saw an add for insulin scan instead of using prick and blood test, thought of you immediately. Jo

  10. Never got into Coronation myself although others in the family watch it. Hope you get lots of sales on your Christmas runner.

  11. I've watched Corrie from the very beginning in 1960 (yes, I'm that old}, but stopped watching 1 1/2-2 years ago. We had been away on vacation and too busy doing other stuff and when I checked my recordings I had about 30 shows to watch. I thought, at the time, that the story lines were going a bit crazy, body under the garage floor etc. and I thought I'm never going to get caught up so I deleted them all and that was the end of that!!!! I read the weekly updates occasionally but I have no clue who half the people are so it doesn't have any interest for me any more. Can't believe I watched a show for over 55 years. It did (does) have a real interest for me though because it takes place where I'm from. Born and raised in Manchester. So lots of things and places they would talk about were familiar to me.


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