Saturday, June 30, 2018


Seems amazing.  Just a couple of weeks ago I said to Stew I wanted to trade my car in on a smaller car.

Petrol is getting so expensive, and to run my big car around was getting to be a ridiculous cost each week.  And 80% of the time, I was the only person in the car!  It's a big 7 seater, so really under used now.

So.. here we are!  We decided to trade in both our vehicles for later model cars, a smaller one for me and a slightly bigger one for Stew.

We still needed a car capable of transporting all my market stuff and for family trips, so chose a Station Wagon for Stew.

And TODAY... we are heading into Hamilton to do the switch!  OMG I am so excited!

I am going to be taking lots of photos today...  So come back later!  There's going to be heaps more to come.




How did I make my decision on what car to get for me ? 

I wanted a smaller car.
A car that would be economical to run, compared to my Highlander.

I had heard that the Suzuki Swift was one of the cheapest to run... so I had a good look at a few of those.

And pretty much made up my mind that I would get one of those.  

But one thing kept bothering me about the Swift.  I HATED IT!

It just wasn't 'me'.  It made me feel like I was driving my Grandmother's car.  It was gutless, and just a bit too small.

So there was another car on the lot where Stew's new car was that caught my eye, and so I took it for a test drive.  And fell in love!  It looked so cute and nifty.  It had a slighter bigger engine, so not so gutless.  And it was just that little bit bigger in every way.

It was $3,000 more than the Swift, but well... Stew told me I had to be happy with my car so... I decided the Swift was history!

I was getting a NISSAN JUKE!

Then I had another decision to make.  They had THREE of them on the lot!  Black one with orange exterior highlights, with a cool red and black interior, a White one with standard features, and a BLUE one with the cool red and black interior.

I took a while to come to my decision.  After discounting the black one as they get too hot over summer... it was down to the White and the Blue.  Their specs were very similar, so then it pretty much came down to COLOUR!


Here's a couple of comparison photos of a Suzuki Swift and a Nissan Juke:





So, there ya go.... the reason behind me getting a Nissan Juke!  I am so very happy with my new car.
And of course, Stew is VERY HAPPY with his new car too!  
His car has heaps of extra features as it's the 'Facelift' model.  
IN fact, it has everything he wanted in his Holden Viva but never got.  Lucky man.

My little car has a few less features, but I still love it!

NOW:  it's 11.45 am and we have been home a little while.  I've been busy taking a few photos, so here goes:

 ABOVE:  Our old cars this morning, sitting outside in the freezing frost and fog.

 ABOVE: The new cars, still sitting outside in the freezing fog!  At least the frost has gone.

I can't get over how BIG the Nissan Juke looks compared to Stew's Toyota Avensis!
His car is GORGEOUS INSIDE THOUGH, so flash!  Leather seats, all the whistles and bells.

NOW... I have another little thing coming up to show you... it's a video story of my conversation with the Insurance Company  yesterday.  It made my kids and Stew smile.... so once it's uploaded you will get to watch it.  *smiles*

So... I'm not that good at doing videos... but I'm rather happy I didn't say 'Ummm' a million times! lol

ABOVE:  Stolen off Google Images, this is what the inside of my Nissan Juke looks like!  Swish! 

So I've spent most of the afternoon inside trying to keep warm.  It's an utterly freezing day.  Stew got the lawns mown and is now trimming the plum trees, at least he's keeping warm doing it.

I'm giving them left over beef stew for dinner, will make it into little pies.  Griffin is having a sleep over at a friends, so won't see him till tomorrow night.  

I discovered a couple more things inside my car, like how to get a CD in the player, and how to work the side mirrors, and the lights.  I can alter the height of the beam of the lights with a switch!  I am going to download the Owner's manual for both cars so we can figure out how to use bluetooth etc.  We haven't even worked out how to change the clocks!  Derrrr.  It's fun.

9.42 pm:  Well I hope you have enjoyed today's blog!  I've really enjoyed the day *smiles*.
Now I am just looking forward to seeing how the new cars run and their running costs.  That was what the change was all about at the end of the day!


  1. Very exciting day for you both! Enjoy your new cars. I must admit when I swapped to my Mazda Axela a couple of years ago I was so thrilled with it. We've recently bought one for work and the whole team love it - so much nicer than the other two work cars we have in our fleet - and very, very economical. My car costs us $120 in fuel to go from Christchurch down to Alexandra (Central Otago) and back including all the running around we do while away - around 1,000kms in total - and that was with four people in it and the boot full of luggage. My husband wants his next car to be a Mazda Axela now too.

  2. Exciting for you all.

  3. New cars looking good

  4. Nothing nicer than a new car. Especially a blue one!!

  5. I just listened to your video clip (couldn't earlier cause had visitors) my flat mate said u sounded just like I did when I was tling everyone about the new house and all the cupboards and storage .Enjoy your blue car hun .

  6. I love your new wee blue car.The call with the insurance company.You would not believe how often one of my clients rings me about a car & when I ask which one they say "Oh the red one" or the "small one". Not helpful lol.

    1. I struck the right guy ... he thoroughly enjoyed our conversation! I had him laughing his head off! I didn't MEAN to go on and on about the colour and how cute it was, it just came outta my mouth! He did eventually get all the DETAILS he needed *smiles*

  7. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Yay great choices for the both of you jealous much me! George's Mum

  8. We got a new to us car in August and it has got carper 😂. The last two didn’t. It really is nice to have little extras isn’t it.

  9. Great choices, I love the blue!!! You will love having a smaller car to zip around in :)

  10. My bosses car is a Nissan juke I knew what you were looking but didn't wanna give it away very swish

  11. I loved your video. Chris.

  12. You are just adorable Chris. Love the video. Whenever I see that shade of blue I always think of you.

  13. Fab choices in the cars ..Well done you two !!!

  14. Cute cute cute! My neighbor has a Juke but I haven't been for a ride in one yet.

  15. What colour is your new car Chris?!!!!!!!
    You made me laugh out loud watching your video

  16. I loved the video! Your insurance documentation's going to say "Cute little blue car".
    Congrats on two new cars!

  17. Nissan and Toyota are both Awesome cars. And that little blue car looks like it was MADE FOR YOU!

  18. Such fun reading your blog! :) I just giggled my way through your video...Fabulous!! I'm sure you will really enjoy your new car...It's such a lovely color of blue! It matches your bright blue eyes, of course! Have a wonderful weekend and always drive safely! :) (I live in America, Illinois, where today it's 98 degrees and 60% humidity..YUK!)


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