Tuesday, June 26, 2018


After listening to all the advice yesterday, today I am going into Hamilton to look at another car.

This time it's one of these:

ABOVE:  This is a Toyota Avensis.  I am going to go look at one, taking me trusty tape measure with me to make sure it will fit a trestle in the back!

Though, we can always get a roof rack I suppose.

Once I've done that, it will back home in time for yet another FBG walk.  Maybe this one won't get cancelled!

I haven't talked much about the 'diet' in a few days have I?  Well ... that's because it's going just fine!  No new changes or struggles.  It's become very easy to just 'do it', and it's become normal to eat no carbs or sugar!

And of course, it's been FANTASTIC to be allowed to stop doing the twice daily blood testing!  OMG I hated that.

It's good to really get to know how it feels when you are well and have the blood sugars under control.  And on the flip side, also good to know when you are going too low.  Stew had a low late last night as he was getting ready for bed.  So he had to eat something, which didn't work, so he had a Barley Sugar, and that did work.

I'm so glad I've not had a low in quite a while now.  They are nasty.  

Right... I'm outta here, I need to get into Hamilton then back in time for me walk.


OMG  SO COLD TODAY!  I'm home from Hamilton, chilled to the bone.  Sitting in my lounge with an electric throw on and the heat pump on high!

So, the car. It looks lovely, big enough for the trestles and market stuff.  Stew will have to check it out on the weekend.

While there, I took another little car for a test drive.  Now... I might not be getting a Swift!  But I won't say what the new option is, as I could yet change my mind!  Women's prerogative and all that! lol

And as expected, the FBG walk has been cancelled AGAIN.  *sigh*  I'm actually not too upset about it as I really am so cold.

(edit)  MARIA:  in answer to your question:

Symptoms of low blood sugar can occur suddenly. They include:
I have experienced quite a few of those symptoms!  Especially the skin tingling!  OMG I have that a lot.
When I had the last couple of 'lows' I got light headed, sweated, and got all shaky too.

At least there's lots of symptoms that you can't ignore! lol

What have I done all afternoon?  KEPT WARM.  Full stop. End of Story.
Then I cooked dinner.
And then I played cards with me girlfriends.  And Jacqui, cos she's here for the night.

We had a really nice evening.  We always do playing cards.  I won!  Jacqui almost lost, but managed to pass that spot to my friend Sue T.

Now... signing off to spend some time with Jacqui and Stew.


  1. Toyotas are good :) Could you put the trestle on the roof rack? Our trestle table is one that folds in the middle so is easy to put in the car. You can buy these easily if that was the only issue.

    That's so fantastic about the 'diet'. It really does just become a way of life. I fell off the wagon a few months ago and started buying the odd higher carb thing but I'm feeling so much better now I'm completely back to low carb. Interesting though I had fish and chips the other night (and potato fritter) and my blood sugar was OK. We don't make a habit of that but I'll have them any day now over KFC. I think when you look on low carb with your focus on health rather than weight loss alone it makes more sense. Obviously weight loss will follow though - I'm looking forward to seeing your new HbA1c and doctor's follow up results !!!

  2. Maria9:28 AM

    What does a 'low' feel/look like?

  3. Yeah, Like Lynda said, Toyotas are good (I drive a Toyota) And you gotta be able to carry your stuff.
    No news is good news on the diet.

  4. So agree sugar lows are horrid mine lead to s ride I. Helicopter Friday night Saturday early hours. Frightening.stuff.

  5. I've experienced a lot of those symptoms since I had bypass surgery. But mine are usually when I've had too much sugar, so I'm thinking mine would be hyper, not hypo, but the symptoms are the same.

  6. I had a really bad low last week at work. I was shocked that none of my colleagues did anything when I said I was roasting and dizzy. And then everything else happened so I sent an email to the girls who sit further away and they were awesome. I'd hate to say what would have happened if I'd collapsed and the ones who are close and can see me were at lunch.

  7. Penny2:15 PM

    I have been reducing carbs lately and quite apart from weight loss (also encouraging) I can feel the difference in my body. When I have been eating crap food I feel sick and lethargic, when I eat well I start to feel I can accomplish almost anything. It is a very liberating feeling, but it shocks me how much underlying feeling of illness I thought was normal. Inflammation in my body, for example, was put down by others as being due to being in my forties, or post baby. I'm sure that exists but a lot of it seems to be affected greatly by diet, even if you think you are eating relatively well, as I did.

  8. Penny2:18 PM

    I am probably being unclear: before going low carb, I've eaten "normally" but with bread etc. and I have had other periods of eating junk food. I don't have to be eating junk food to feel horrible, excessive carbs alone do that for me!

  9. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hi Chris

    Maria asked you the question about low blood sugar...not me ..lol..I am a nurse and know all about it... is the car you have at the moment is easy to get in and out of ?...we got rid of our sedan because it was 15 years old but we wanted a car that was easy to get in and out of...so we got the Subaru Outback...really nice, heated seats lol..


    1. Whoop! Sorry about that. Yes the Highlander is super easy to get in and out of... but funnily enough the cars we are looking at getting soon are still easy to get in and out of! Can't be as old and creaky as we thought... lol

  10. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Lol...my husband parks so close to the gutter that when I was getting out I had to pull myself upwards with my feet higher than the car...lol..very happy now...I am sure you will get cars that you will be happy with...



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