Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Coco is going to the groomer today.
She morphed into a sheep in the last couple of weeks!
And she's been put on a diet too.  Our dogs have free access to dog pellets during the day, and ummm... clearly Coco has no self control!

So, now at night she is on rations of dog roll, so she's not getting too much of that at least.  I might even have to only put the pellets down once or twice a day too.  It's just not good for an adult dog to get overweight, you are just asking for health issues.

lol... kinda the same for us too eh?

ABOVE:  Pre-groom... looking pretty scruffy.

While she's at the groomers, I am going into town to do some shopping.  Hoping to find those thermal socks (Lynda suggested yesterday), and a few other bits 'n' bobs.

I also have an order of coasters and a placemat to send off to Wellington, so a trip to the post office is necessary as well.  

After that, I shall probably come home and do bugger all!  I'm taking a little break from sewing.  

I have Card Night tonight, so that's something to look forward to.


Well... although it's not what I had on my agenda today, I got up and decided to move the brown couch out of the spare bedroom.
We NEED a single bed in there, cos we do have times when it's necessary to have one.

Like tonight.  Our friend Jacqui is staying over as she has work in Hamilton tomorrow.... and she will have to sleep on the bed settee in the lounge.  I'm sure it would be more comfy in a bedroom with a DOOR!  lol

So, while we won't actually have a bed in the spare bedroom for her tonight, and she will have to sleep in the lounge, I will eventually get a single bed  for that room.

ABOVE:  I found a space for the brown couch in the dining 'area'.

ABOVE:  It looks a bit cluttered, but it will have to do for now.

ABOVE: Got the space, just need to find a nice bed for here now.

And now..... *sigh*.... I need to get myself sorted and take Coco to the groomers.

11.35 am:  And I've dropped Coco off and been into town.
Posted a parcel to a lady down in Wellington and then... I thought I would have a quick look in the op shops here for a single bed.  Ya never know eh?

AND OMG!  The first one I go into has a single bed, and it's ONLY $35!!!!
Every single bed I've looked at on TradeMe and Cambridge Buy and Sell have been well over $100!  
Guess what I just bought?

ABOVE:  A freakin' single bed for $35!  AND the mattress didn't have a single mark on it either.  That's bloody amazing.
So, so lucky.  Now Jacqui DOES have a bed to sleep in, and a bedroom with a DOOR.  *smiles*

One thing I realised pretty quickly, we only have ONE single sheet, and it's a summer weight one.  So the bed had to get a queen set put on it.  It will do for now.

I'm so damn happy with my purchase today.

No headboard, but I can either buy a cheap one, or make one.  No biggie there.

Now, I'm kinda tired!  Might just get some lunch and sit and relax for a little while.  Think I deserve it.

It's been a quiet afternoon, I've not done too much.  Hunted out an electric blanket for the spare bed, then had to strip the bed to put it on. Derrr.

Got dinner on, pork chops and veges.

Then later I'm off to Card Night.... feel a bit rude leaving for a few hours when we have a visitor, but hey... card night is only once a fortnight and I get heaps of fun out of it!  I can't miss it.

10.40 pm:  home from card night, which was fun as per usual.
Jacqui arrived in my absence, but I got to spend an hour or so yakking with her before she headed off to bed.

Time to wind down for the day, catch you tomorrow.


  1. Wow that bed is a bargain

  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    That's an awesome pick up on the bed. Second hand items here (Aus) can be so over-priced at time, so it's great when you find a bargain. Now the trick (in our house at least) is to make sure the bed doesn't get used a dumping ground for "stuff"!! Liz

    1. It's the same here, 2nd hand does not usually mean cheap! I just struck it lucky today.

  3. Good for you Chris ,,,,Feels good to get a Bargain now and again and with fresh linen on looks just the part.. Like you say atm its ok without headboard. You will probably have had dinner by now and soon off to cards

    Enjoy !!



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