Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Yesterday afternoon I finally got my FBG Banner back.  I had lent it to the group to use at an event a few months ago.

So, I got to hang it up last night so the girls and I could see it on our walk past :

ABOVE:  Very visible!

 ABOVE:  Not so visible when you have 14 women standing in front of it!  High Vis vests and jackets don't make for good photos!

 ABOVE: Our 2nd photo of the night, much better lighting.  It was such a good walk last night... even with about three hills included.
Makes me laugh, everyone is in jumpers and jackets and long pants... and me?  Shorts and t-shirt! lol  
I hope to do the next coat of paint on the bedside drawers today, I'm really looking forward to seeing it done.  I didn't 'just' paint it white either.  hee hee.  As it's so damn damp it might be tomorrow before you get to see it finished though.

I have nothing on the agenda today apart from the painting and housework, and maybe some sewing.

So... I shall bugger off for now.  Catch ya later.


Headache.  But powering through it.  
Want a Sneak Peek at the bedside drawer?

ABOVE: Got ya guessing now eh?

While it's drying (again), I'm off into town to do a couple of things.

ABOVE: It's a scarf day.  Freezing cold out there.  Just LOVE my special one-off scarf Bex made me. 

Right, the drawers are done.

So... this is how it went:

ABOVE:  'Normal'...
The first step was to put white undercoat on it.
Which I did.
Then I decided to NOT just paint it white!  

I did this:

ABOVE:  And that's what Stew saw last night.  I think he thought I'd gone mad!  
But... I had an idea in mind... I'd NOT seen it anywhere else, but thought... it COULD work?

The next step involved this stuff:

ABOVE:  Can ya see where it's heading now?  Cos I can...

ABOVE:  FUNKY!  Totally differentNOT boring whiteAnd I love it!  Really, really love it.

Not everyone will, and that's quite OK... each to their own.  But, for a $10 piece of furniture, I think it rocks.

Certain daughter arrived home from school... took one look at my paint job and said "That's retarded!"

I am not impressed with her lack of tact or diplomacy.  Not at all.  Need to teach her how to NOT offend people.  Especially me, cos I'm the one who cooks her dinner!  

Griffin on the other hand thinks it's awesome.

Waiting to see what Stew thinks of it now.  
He's not due home from work for another hour and a half yet.

Griffin has requested Fish 'n' Chips for dinner, he's having cravings!  We've not had takeaways like that for dinner in ... 9 WEEKS!  So, we shall get the kids fish and chips, and we will have beef and bacon stew as planned.

Tis the end of the day, and I'm signing off.  Coronation Street is on... gotta watch it.

BEST. LAID. PLANS.... *sigh*... more on that tomorrow.


  1. I'm guessing white with a bit of blue accent?

  2. Loving all the FBG's girls I am home again I MUST get back into my jabber walking again...

  3. In the beinning of the post, you're wearing T-short and shorts. Not so by the end of the post...
    Can't wait to see the nightstand, glad you didn't go with pure white!

    1. Beginning of the post I was mid-walk (last night)... so hot as. Then this morning I just popped into town for a minute, so got cold! Hence t-shirt ... then scarf.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Love the drawers!!!!! And the scarf. I'd be in a winter coat, beanie & scarf walking too LOL!

  5. Love the scarf Bex is so neat doing that for you .. Love one off things like that and the drawers well you surprised me and thanks for taking us thru it bit by bit.

    The fab thing is,,, its unique to you guys home and love the crackly effect ..blends in well with all the surroundings

    Love the FBG group they all look well and happy (depite the cold weather) .. Good incentives to follow its so much easier as a group

    1. There's over 60 members in our Fat Bottomed Girls and Guys walking group. We don't all go on the same walks at the same time, we all just do the one's that fit in with our day.

  6. OOpsy Despite not depite!!!!

  7. Love the paint job.

  8. The drawer thing really turned out nice. Unique and cheerful.

  9. I hate that your so blimmin talented YOU must have got a few people's share cause I can't even hand sew a button without getting the cotton knotted 😆

  10. you are always doing something creative.
    Love the scarf also.

  11. I think it looks cute and that's a fantastic scarf!


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