Tuesday, June 19, 2018


This is my project today:

ABOVE:  I plan on painting that little bedside table white.  I got it from an op shop in Auckland a few years ago for $5 or 10.  I think it will look lovely painted white to match the beds.

Stew did this for me last night:

ABOVE:  The modified display stand.  I can now hang one Tree Runner on the back and two on the front.  Bearing in mind this display is on the side of my site, so both sides can be seen, depending on which way you are moving along the footpath.  I'm really happy with it.

Extremely frustrating... the woman who wants our little pool table didn't pick it up on the weekend as planned... and is supposed to be coming today now.  I hope she does, or I shall have to re-list it.  I really hate being dicked around, and she's certainly done that.  

Right, that's me for now.  I've got stuff to do... and no time like now to get started.


I'm finding it a right laugh having to remember how to defrost stuff and plan ahead for dinner prep!  I've just put some bacon in a pot of tepid water to defrost it!  Haven't done that in about 30 years.  lol

I've also got a bacon hock and vege soup in the crock pot for lunches.  The hock sat on the kitchen bench for TWO DAYS till it was defrosted!  TWO DAYS!  Whoops, our house must be a bit cool inside?  

Have a hot flush or 50,000, then wonder why it's not HOT in my house *smiles*

Just been and registered all the dogs.  $200+... for  WHAT?  I have no idea what that pays for, except a $1 plastic disc?  Grrrrr.
So frustrating really.

The lady who wants the pool table is coming over 'SOON'.  Dumm dee doo....

And she finally arrived and took the pool table away.  Now we have heaps more room in the garage again!  Awesome.  

I've just put the undercoat on the drawers, so now have to wait till they dry.  Might just make some lunch soon, I'm actually starving!
Which is not normal for me... I don't usually feel hungry till between 12-2pm.

It's not the best day for watching paint dry.  Just sayin'.

I have been watching our Tangelos growing for weeks now... and I finally picked one:

ABOVE: Our FIRST EVER home grown Tangelo.  I feel so proud!  lol
And it's still a bit sour... so the other one's will be staying on the tree a bit longer.  I have no idea when you are supposed to pick them!  Do they have to drop on the ground before they are ready?  Tell me if ya know, thanks.

4.50 pm:  And the freakin' paint ain't dry yet!  It's a damp day.  Typical winter in fact.  Dreary.
But on a good note, our dinner smells amazing!

AND I'm off for an FBG walk in an hour and a half.  Should be a good one, it even has a little lean in it, and we walk past OUR house.

The walk was a good one, quite a few little hills too... which I trudged up reluctantly.
Super lucky with the weather too... minutes before it was raining, then it stopped just as we took off walking. 

Home now and winding down... and cooling down.  Signing off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The bedroom will look lovely I know. What a clever guy Stew is? That will be awesome on your stand.

  2. I honestly find giving stuff away is more work than just selling it, because people have no stake in it so "dick around" as you say. I often offer things for a low price like $10-$20 just so I know the person who responds is more likely to come and get it because they know it's an exceptional deal and don't want to miss out! Hope it works out today!

    1. I agree. If she doesn't come today I will be re-listing it with a price on it.

  3. I don't know about painting the nightstand white, my wife always want to paint everything white and Ijust don't know...
    Hope you got rid of that pool table by now.

  4. I think the wee set of drawers will look gr8 painted white especially if you leave the bottom part black??
    everything looks bright and colourful in your home,, and its gr8 Stew is such a good Diy Guy and you get in on projects too.

    Nothing stays the same and you have such variety in your days .. Hooe the PT has gone now,,, and you can show us the DIY as soon as the paints dry lol

    Roll on Friday for your microwave .. We so take them for granted dont we? Keep warm not long till shortest day after that 6 weeks and then SPRINGTIME Yay

  5. That's so annoying when people say they want something then screw around.

  6. We list stuff for free on Craigslist and we always say "Must pick up by 2 or it goes to the next person in line" or words to that effect. We've waited all day in the past for someone who kept putting off their arrival time and we learned the hard way!!

    1. That sounds like a damn good idea and I shall certainly use it next time.

  7. Hope the fbg walk went well I am sure the dinner was lovely nothing like HC food ..esp in winter

    Will look out for paint pics tomorrow tad damp for paint drying just now but good on you getting it done !!



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